$550 Thousand Transaction Fee in Ethereum


$550 Thousand Transaction Fee in Ethereum. An Ethereum user paid a $ 550,000 transaction fee for an early morning transaction.

In the last 3 days on the Ethereum network, quite interesting things have happened. An Ethereum address made a transaction 2 days ago and paid almost $ 2.5 million in transaction fees. The same address made a similar transaction yesterday and this time paid a transaction fee of 2.6 million dollars.

It is not known exactly who (s) these addresses belong to. Aside from this, it is not known why 2.5 million dollars of transaction fee is paid for these transactions. Some names in the cryptocurrency community say these transactions may have been done by a stock market or a large financial institution. Some names say that these transactions were made to evade taxes . According to estimates, a rich name will pay $ 2.5 million of transaction fees in these transactions , making it appear as if he ‘lost it ‘ by accident, and thus will pay less tax. But for now, we cannot go beyond speculation.

Another Newer Added

The transactions made yesterday and yesterday were done by the same address . Today, a new operation similar to the two was done, but this time a different address was used.

Today, in the transaction against the morning, almost 550 thousand dollars transaction fee was paid. This process, which uses a different address than the other two , seems to belong to MiningPoolHub .

Just like the other two, we do not know who is doing the process in this and for what purpose. Some names say that this was done to launder money , while names like Dovey Wan say it doesn’t make much sense.


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