505 Games buys IP from Ghostrunner for 5 million euros


The publisher 505 Games confirmed the acquisition of IP Ghostrunner for € 5 million (about R $ 33 million, in direct conversion), after a successful negotiation with the Polish studio All In Games.

Previously, the publisher had already attempted an onslaught to acquire the rights to the game, but encountered barriers in the offer presented by CEO Piotr Zygadlo, who asked for amounts above what 505 Games was willing to pay. However, everything indicates that the new price stipulated by IP pleased both parties, and now they should use the investment to expand the studio and plan the future of Ghostrunner, who already has DLCs and an improved version of the new generation planned on schedule.

“Ghostrunner quickly proved to be a great success, which convinced [505 Games] to send an offer – one of those ‘offers difficult to refuse’,” said Zygadlo in a statement.

With the purchase, the cyberpunk action title joins Death Stranding, Control, Assetto Corsa and Terraria as weighted IPs registered by 505 Games.

Ghostrunner is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Nintendo Switch and PC


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