500 Percent Valued in a Month: What is FunFair (FUN)?


FunFair (FUN), which attracted the attention of the altcoin investor, increased by over 20% in 1 day, and rose by 550% in 1 month. What is FunFair, what does it do? Which exchanges are FUN tokens available on?

FunFair (FUN) price gained more than 20% in 1 day and attracted attention. FunFair, which gained 90% value in a week, reached up to $ 0.040 with the momentum it caught. When looking at the wider time range, it was observed that the FUN token increased by 550% in 1 month and 10 times in 1 year.

The daily volume for FUN, which has a market value of $ 187, is positioned at $ 62.6. FUN saw its lowest value with $ 0.001 in the March 2020 crash, and broke its own record in 2018 with $ 0.19.

What are FunFair and FUN tokens?

Founded in 2017, London-based FunFair is a blockchain-based platform that offers a low-cost, high-quality and transparent gaming experience. The platform developed by the FunFair Group is built on the Ethereum network. FunFair aims to reach more users with the security of the ETH network and establish a real-time and user-friendly game ecosystem.

By building channels called Fate Channels in FunFair services, it aims to facilitate game-player interaction and to carry out transactions with close to zero transaction costs. These channels allow players to make transactions without the need to use blockchain or wait for confirmation for every move. The ultimate goal of the FunFair project is to grow the gaming ecosystem in a safe and fair environment without restrictive transaction costs.

FUN is the FunFair platform’s own cryptocurrency. Users can use FUN tokens while playing games. At the same time, the FUN token can be distributed as a reward to players in tournaments taking place in the ecosystem. FUN tokens are listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Uniswap, Bitrue, Bitfinex, HitBTC and OKEx.


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