500 million XRP in 7 years for the first time


500 million XRPs, owned by Ripple founder Chris Larsen, have not moved since 2013 and are now out of the wallet. Larsen said in a statement on the matter that he is moving his funds to NYDIG.

Yesterday, 500 million XRPs were released from the wallet owned by Ripple founder Chris Larsen. The value of these XRPs according to current prices is approximately $ 116 million.

Ripple often comes up with big money moves. There were periodic big money outflows from wallets belonging to Jed McCaleb, one of the founders of Ripple, but later left and founded Stellar. With the market now used to movements from McCaleb, the activity in Larsen’s wallet has quickly attracted attention.

In the transaction, which took place at around 20.00 TSI, 500 million XRP were transferred from Larsen’s wallet to an unknown wallet. So where has all this XRP gone?

Before long, Larsen made a statement and reported that he was moving his wallet to NYDIG. NYDIG is an investment firm based in New York that provides asset management and custody services for digital assets. “I have known the founders for a while,” Larsen said on the subject. I was impressed by their safety and top-notch corporate standards. ” said.

500 million XRP entered the wallet on February 7, 2013 and has been kept in the same wallet ever since.

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