50 million for the replacement of Sergio Ramos. The covered signing of Zidane


The managers in Madrid have thought a lot about the future from midfield onwards, but have forgotten about the defense. There are still no options that can take the place of Sergio Ramos and that the team does not feel a radical change. Zidane has a capped signing for defense that could relieve the captain in great shape. The credibility of the French strategist is enormous in terms of centrals after his forecast with Varane.

Again the central future of the whites is in France, specifically in the PSG. The defender that fills the eyes of the merengue coaching staff is Marquinhos. The Brazilian has consolidated in the Parisian team and today is a benchmark in the Thomas Tuchel lineups.

The Real Madrid offense would be for next summer and will allocate 50 million euros for the hiring of the 25-year-old player. He also likes it because he can play as a defensive midfielder, where lately he has made excellent games. It is believed that he can take the place of Ramos, even winning the position by sharing a template. It is normal for the white captain to lower his performance after 30 years and with the pace of selection.

The continuity of Zidane would mean the arrival of Marquinhos
Zidane has stabilized the team’s performance in recent games, but the final results of the season will mark if there really is an evolution in the game. In the ‘White House’ it’s still time for testing. The certain thing is that if the confidence in the current technical staff is confirmed, the direction of the cannons for the next summer market is definitive. Marquinhos is the goal if ‘Zizou’ is screwed to the bench for a multi-year project in Madrid.

The next Champions League match will be another occasion for the Canarinha player to show that he is ready for Zidane’s Real Madrid.


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