5 year sales forecast of PS5 has been announced!


Sony’s goal for this year’s PS5 is to sell 15 million by the end of the fiscal year. It looks pretty tough, but market research says it will do. Sony’s main goal is to surpass the PS4’s first year sales success.

PS5 is expected to sell more than 300 Million

In an article published by Japanese analyst Norio Imanaka at the Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute, PlayStation 5 expects the PlayStation 5 to sell more than 300 million in the next 5 to 6 years. According to Imanaka, PlayStation 5 will be indispensable for many e-sports players in the future. With the PC at the forefront of e-sports, PlayStation 5 will be indispensable for e-athletes. Imanaka sums up this situation as follows.

PS5 satışları

Just as NBA fans expect shoes from Nike, e-sports players will expect PlayStation 5 from Sony. “The PlayStation 5 today offers fast and advanced video processing capability not only for professional gamers but also for amateur e-athletes and people who play games to distract them, Imanaka wrote in his article. Therefore, PlayStation 5 will replace the PC in the international platform for e-sports. This development will be highly reflected in the sales figures of PlayStation 5 ”. In the continuation of the article, Imanaka increased the number of sales to the next level, claiming that the PS5 would sell 600 – 700 million units over the life of the device (estimated at 10 years).


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