5 Ways to Improve Your Home Security


Under Lock and Key

The most obvious way to make your home secure is to invest in some decent door and window locks and have them installed by a professional locksmith. The locksmith will be able to advise you as to which locks are best suited to your home’s style of windows and doors.

You should always install new locks when you move into a new property, as you do not know how many people could have a copy of the keys to the original locks. Once you have your new locks, get some copies of the keys cut and leave a set with a reliable member of your family or a close friend. Never be tempted to leave keys under a doormat or somewhere equally obvious.

Be Alarmed

Installing an alarm system is one of the best ways you can provide security for your home. With the invention of cell phones and tablets, security systems have become more user-friendly than systems in place a couple of decades ago. Smart security devices such as alarms, motions sensors, cameras, and video doorbells can be set up at the touch of a button and added to if required.

Smile – You’re On Camera

Cameras positioned at several points around your house can be very off-putting to burglars as they can record visual evidence of crimes. Even dummy cameras can make thieves run the other way!

Video doorbells are a great security device because you can instantly see who is at your door through an app on your cell phone. You do not even need to be in your home for this to work. You can talk to the person at the door and take video footage of them. These doorbells can also alert you if someone comes within a few meters of your door.

Don’t Be So Transparent

Modern houses tend to have a large amount of glass in the doors and windows. However attractive they are, large glass areas on an external door can be easier for a burglar to break than solid wood or composite. When you install a door, take this into consideration and opt for toughened glass or ensure that the glass part is far away from the door lock so that if a burglar reaches in through the broken glass, they cannot unlock the door from the inside.

Let There Be Light

Sensor lights are another brilliant burglar deterrent. Thieves like to hide in the shadows, so if you install a few lamps that will light up the outside of your house like Disneyland, as soon as a sensor is triggered, they will run away as fast as they can with their tails between their legs.

If you are going out at night, be sure to leave a light on in your house or link one up to a timer switch to come on at sunset. Doing so will give burglars the impression that you are at home.


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