5 Ways to Protect the Corona Virus That Affects the Whole World


The Corona virus, or its scientific name, 2019-nCoV, which continues to spread from China all over the world, finally entered the Middle East with Iran. He climbs on concerns about the increasing number of suspected cases of outbreaks in Turkey. So what exactly is the Corona virus, what are its symptoms, how is it transmitted, and most importantly, what should we do to protect? We have compiled the most up-to-date and clear answers for you.

The Corona virus, which emerged in Wuhan, China in the last days of 2019, continues to spread across the world, turning into an epidemic. Corona virus in Turkey, according to recent releases an infected person is not found, but the situation is not the same in neighboring countries. For example, in the case of Corona virus outbreak in Iran has caused great panic and although the likelihood is increasing or not the leap to Turkey.

There are a lot of false information about the Corona virus on the Internet, news without sources, fake images. Today, we have left aside what you know and prepared an article for you with the details we have obtained from current and official sources about Corona virus. We will answer basic questions such as what exactly is the corona virus, how is it transmitted, what symptoms it shows, does it have treatment, and how can we be protected? We recommend that you read all the answers carefully.

Listed questions about corona virus:
What exactly is the corona virus?
How is the corona virus transmitted?
What symptoms does it show when the Corona virus is infected?
If there are signs of corona virus, how is the official diagnosis made?
Is there a cure for Corona virus?
5 methods to protect against corona virus
What exactly is the corona virus?
In fact, the virus we call the epidemic is a new member of the Corona virus family. Other viruses of this family are found especially in animals, but they are not transmitted to humans. As a matter of fact, 2019-nCoV, Covid-19 can be transmitted to humans by the newly identified Corona virus or scientific names that are causing the epidemic.

The 2019-nCoV or Covid-19 virus is in the same family as the SARS virus, which originated in 2002, again in China. SARS, a type of Corona virus, has killed 790 people worldwide and was detected in 8455 people during the epidemic. As far as the outbreak of SARS in 2002, also encountered not one in Turkey. The lethality rate of the SARS virus was 9.3%. In 2019-nCoV, this rate is 3.3%.

How is the corona virus transmitted?
Members of the Corona virus family can be transmitted from animals to humans. For this, it is necessary to contact an animal carrying the live virus or the body secretions of the animal. The SARS virus from the same family was transmitted from musk cats, and the MERS virus from camels. In 2019-nCoV, snakes and bats were considered as the source of the outbreak in the first place, but recent research suggests that the main source was pangolin (scaly anteater).

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But how does the Corona virus spread from person to person? For this, a healthy individual needs to have direct contact with the body secretions of the other person carrying the 2019-nCoV virus. However, depending on the number and strength of the virus in the carrier, it can be transmitted by coughing, sneezing, and handshaking. For this reason, contacting an infected person with an item or place, and contacting that item with sensitive organs such as the hands, mouth, nose or eyes can increase contagiousness.

What symptoms does it show when the Corona virus is infected?
High fever,
Cough with severe dry or small amount of mucus,
A feeling of tightness in the chest,
Nausea and vomiting,
Shortness of breath,
The above general symptoms are determined by the general characteristics of the first cases observed. Incubation times of up to 14 days are required for all symptoms to occur. During this period, the Corona virus targets the cells in the body it is infected, multiplies by destroying their structure and destroying the cells, and defeats the immune system.

Symptoms such as high fever and cough mean that the body’s defense systems are working. However, patients must be kept under surveillance to support this defense.

If there are signs of corona virus, how is the official diagnosis made?
Corona in many health institutions in Turkey’s molecular tests applied to determine the virus. These tests are applied to people who have the above symptoms in a country or region where the virus has been observed in the past 14 days and can be diagnosed officially.

Is there a cure for Corona virus?
No, unfortunately not. Patients with the virus are also intervened to reduce their symptoms and effects on the body. In addition, antibiotics do not affect the Corona virus, because antibiotics target bacteria, not viruses. For this reason, you should not use antibiotics if you have symptoms or are in doubt.

5 methods to protect against corona virus:
Avoid close contact with infected people,
Wash your hands frequently and correctly, especially after questionable contacts,
Do not have unprotected contact with farm animals or wild animals,
Do not contact people with cold and flu-like symptoms closer than 1 meter,
Cook thoroughly before consuming animal foods such as meat and eggs,
The above methods of protection are general methods shared by the World Health Organization. Apart from that, it is beneficial not to heed other measures that are widespread among the public, unless the ministries and health organizations verify.


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