5 Unsolved Mysteries of K-pop that Fans Need Answers to


K-pop idols are always in the spotlight, so it’s not surprising that some of their small actions are easily noticed by keen-eyed k-pop fans. Because of this, numerous questions remain unanswered and remain a mystery that keeps some fans awake at night.

Along with that, here are some of the unsolved mysteries of K-pop that fans need an answer to.

1. What did Hyungwon from MONSTA X have to say on Fansign

A member of MONSTA X, Hyungwon, has given fans a lot of interesting memes over the years. But one of his most popular memes is that he took the microphone to seemingly say something during a fanzine, but ended up saying nothing and just cheekily sipping his Starbucks. Unfortunately, what he had to say during the event turned out to be a mystery, and fans are still eager to find out what kind of tea he was going to spill!

2. What Hyeon from Girls Generation told Sohen

Back in 2011, Girls’ Generation attended the SBS Korean Pop Music Festival. While the event was going on, the funky video of the participants Hyeon and Sohen went viral. In this video, Hyeon can be seen talking seriously with Sohen about something, and Sohen is even shocked and does not believe what she was told.

Now, more than a decade later, fans are still wondering what juicy secret Hyeon shared.

3. The quarrel between Jimin from BTS and Jeonen from TWICE

For years, fans have been wondering what’s going on between BTS member Jimin and TWICE member Jeonyoung after funky videos of the two were posted online. Fans have even started to follow them closely to get a deeper understanding of what their relationship is with each other.

As a result, several theories have been put forward, for example, that they were in a relationship that ended in a bad relationship, or that the two simply openly disliked each other. Of course, this remained a mystery in the K-pop community and instead became a joke among fans.

4. Is Seongmin still a part of Super Junior?

Although Super Junior is currently promoting with nine members during their comeback, there are actually still ten members in the group. However, Seongmin has remained an inactive member of the group since early 2015 after marrying Kim Sa Eun.

The news of his marriage was not well received by fans, leading to calls to boycott the band if Sungmin was not removed. Since then, Seongmin has not participated in any Super Junior promotions. Now fans are wondering if he’s really still a part of the band.

5. What did Jungkook from BTS write to J-Hope

During an episode of the BTS reality show Bon Voyage Season 3, the contestants can be seen discussing something together while others are talking on their phones. Here, sharp-eyed fans noticed a suspicious but cheerful communication between Jungkook and J-Hope. Jeongguk sent a message to J-Hope looking cheeky, to which J-Hope ended up looking at Jeongguk with a cheerful and indifferent expression. To this day, fans are wondering what Jungkook sent to J-Hope.

What other unsolved mysteries of K-pop do you want to know the answers to?


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