5 Underrated Teen Horror Movies about the Supernatural


Horror films about paranormal phenomena can get in or miss. Sometimes the ghosts aren’t that scary, the characters aren’t properly revealed, and the haunted house setting can get tiresome. Supernatural films dedicated to teenagers can also fail, as teenage slasher films tend to be more fun and scary. Slashers are also more often discussed among teen horror films due to the popularity of the Scream and Halloween franchises.

While this subgenre can be challenging, and some movies are definitely too cheesy, there are many supernatural horror movies for teenagers that deserve more attention, as these movies offer enjoyable stories about high school students dealing with spirits or things that a rational mind can comprehend. not easy to explain.

Final Destination 3 (2006)

“Destination 3” is the best movie in the franchise because the storyline is strong and the main character Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is sweet and sweet. Wendy and her friends are ready to spend a fun evening at an amusement park, but when several of her classmates die on the way, Wendy is convinced that Death will come for those who survived.

Watching Wendy mourn her losses is especially touching, and this is a horror movie in which grief is especially witty. The film is both a serious supernatural story, as none of the characters knows when Death will overtake them, and a film for teenagers, as Wendy tries to leave high school, experiencing this terrible trauma.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

It’s often hard in high school… and when someone’s best friend is possessed by a demon and starts killing boys, it’s definitely even worse. “Jennifer’s Body” needs a TV reboot, as it’s full of strong characters and really creepy scenes. Anita “Nidi” Lesnitsky (Amanda Seyfried) lives in the shadow of her more confident friend Jennifer Check (Megan Fox), who one night begins to behave quite strangely.

“Jennifer’s Body” is an underrated horror movie for teenagers, as Nidi’s story is raw and understandable. She can’t believe what’s happening and wants things to be able to go back to normal as she wants to finish high school safely and then move on. There are frightening supernatural elements in the film, but it also talks about how far someone’s life can go because of one major event.

Warm Bodies (2013)

There are some unforgettable zombie movie characters, and in “Warm Bodies,” Julie (Teresa Palmer) meets R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie for whom she eventually develops feelings. The film works like an ordinary school romance with obstacles that are different and more interesting than strict parents or a busy schedule that does not always allow romantic dates. It makes sense that Julie is afraid of R and they go a long way.

“Warm Bodies” works like a supernatural zombie movie, but also as a story about how different teenagers feel and that sometimes forgetting about other people’s expectations is the only way to be happy. Julie and R are a cute couple, and it’s fun to watch how everyone reacts to zombies in the city.

Without friends (2014)

It would be great if Unfriended had a third movie, since the 2014 movie and the 2018 sequel Unfriended: Web are both done well. Although Unfriended wasn’t super popular, with a 61% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer and a 37% audience rating, it deserves more credit for its story, characters, and the fact that the whole story is told on a computer. .

Unfriended is an excellent Blumhouse horror film featuring women, which explores the coldness and cruelty of teenage life. Blair Lily (Shelly Hennig) used to be Laura’s best friend, and when everyone at school started laughing at her, Blair also became a bully. Blair feels guilty, but loves her life with her boyfriend and friends. Blair learns a lesson when it’s too late, when one evening Laura’s ghost torments a group chat and starts killing everyone.

Freaky (2020)

Freaky is an underrated Blumhouse horror movie, as well as a supernatural and slasher movie. Millie Kessler (Katherine Newton) swaps bodies with the “Butcher of Blissfield,” a serial killer played by Vince Vaughn. The result is a hilarious and terrifying story about high school, growing up, adjustment, and peer pressure.

While the film didn’t attract much attention when it was released in 2020, it’s smart, funny and definitely has some scary moments and intense kills. Millie doesn’t seem cool or interesting, but she does an incredible job to stand up for herself and figure out how to get out of the Butcher’s body and get her life back. If the horror elements were removed, it would make a great film about school life.


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