5 Underrated French Horror Films


An often overlooked aspect of French cinema is horror. French cinema often conjures up images of the New Wave, directors such as Truffaut and Besson, and long exploratory films about life and love. Black-and-white scenes, swirling from cigarette smoke, while beautiful people languish on beds or in cafes, philosophizing about life — all this is usually associated with French films.

However, there is also a diverse and strange horror genre in French cinema. Recent releases, such as “Titan” directed by Julia Decourneau and the work of Gaspard Noe, are just some examples of the new bizarre French horror cinema. Along with these new genre films, there are many classic and little-known offerings. These underrated French horror films are a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Deep in the forest

The 2000 slasher “Deep in the Forest” begins with the boy being read a fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood by his mother, who is immediately killed in front of his eyes. Fast forward five years, and a group of young actors are invited to the castle of millionaire Axel de Fersen to perform in a theatrical production of “Little Red Riding Hood” for his grandson’s birthday. The local police also warn that the killer is on the loose and attacks local women.

As night falls, it becomes obvious that the killer is in the castle. People disappear, leaving behind only bloodstains, and the squad is slowly destroyed one by one by a killer dressed as a wolf. Although there is nothing original in the film, it is an interesting film in the style of Jallo, in which scenery and stylization of frames are well used.

Night eats up the world

This 2018 zombie movie was directed by Dominique Rocher based on the novel by Pete Agarman. Anders Danielson Lee plays a musician named Sam, who just wants to pick up his cassettes from his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. Unfortunately, she’s having a party and Sam goes to look for records before his nose bleeds and he passes out. When he wakes up the next morning, he’s alone and the walls are covered in blood. When he gets out, he discovers that the zombies have taken over Paris.

As in “28 Days Later”, zombies are fast, aggressive and travel in hordes that react to any movement or sound. Sam must survive in an apartment building, raiding other apartments in search of supplies, while dealing with the erosion of his sanity and the possibility that he is the only one left alive.

The City of Lost Children

The 1995 film “The City of Lost Children”, directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is often called a sci-fi fantasy, but at the same time it happily plunges into horror. The scientist disappeared, leaving nine of his strange creations alone on an oil rig. The main “hero” is Krank, a very intelligent but evil creature who ages prematurely because he cannot dream. To solve this problem, he kidnaps children and steals their dreams.

“City of Lost Children” is a bizarre movie filled with strange creatures. There is a cyborg cyclops costume that steals children, trained fleas that deliver poison, and Ron Perlman as a carnival strongman named The One who is on a mission to rescue his adopted younger brother, captured by Krak and his henchmen. With the aesthetics of dark steampunk, the music of the legendary composer Angelo Badalamenti and the costume design of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the film crosses the line between science fiction and horror, often intersecting in both genres.

Cold skin

“Cold Skin” is a creature of 2017, similar to a meager retelling of “The Little Mermaid”. The action takes place in 1914. An unnamed man holds the position of a weather observer on a remote island in the South Atlantic. In addition to the lighthouse keeper Gruner, this man is on the island alone and goes to explore it. After finding a bizarre diary with a detailed description of strange creatures from the sea, a person is attacked by the same creatures. His hut is destroyed and he teams up with Gruner to survive.

That’s just Gruner is not who he seems. He holds one of the female creatures captive, constantly insulting her and forcing her to do something for him. The film becomes a struggle for survival against the creatures and Gruner, as the man now known as “Friend” develops a relationship with the creature. A monster movie with a heart, envy and a lot of blood, “Cold Skin” is a breeze of cold sea air.


The action of Malefique takes place almost entirely in one prison cell and follows four prisoners who are crammed together in a small space. Carrere is a fraud, Lasalle killed his wife, Packerette ate his little sister, and Marcus is a transgender woman whose crime is never disclosed. Behind a loose brick, the prisoners discover the diary of a prisoner who disappeared from his cell in the 1920s. The magazine contains a strange collection of spells that soon lead to terrible visions and death.


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