$ 5 Trillion Capital Awaits Entering Bitcoin Market


$ 5 Trillion Capital Awaits Entering Bitcoin Market. Dan Tapiero thinks that money may flow to the Bitcoin market soon.

In March 2020, all assets and investment instruments except cash were seen with the concern of coronavirus. While Bitcoin dropped to $ 3,700, even 10-Year US Treasury Bonds dropped tremendously. It turned out that cash money is the “king” once again.

Dan Tapiero, co-founder and experienced analyst of Gold Bullion International, thinks that this phenomenon regarding cash may be about to change. The famous macro investor stated in his post that he published today that investors started to escape from the cash position.

With the graphic he published, the analyst stated that almost 5 trillion dollars of cash could flow into the gold and Bitcoin markets in the near future. Expressing that such a fear is not usually seen when the stock market peaked, the analyst stressed that the concern is increasing day by day and people can switch to other investments instead of cash.

In fact, legendary institutional investor Paul Tudor Jones also stated that he started investing in Bitcoin in the past months and gave an important signal for the future of institutional investors.


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