5 Tips That Show Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Will Be Better Than Galaxy Fold


Galaxy Fold, which has been criticized since its launch last year, has caused Samsung to think deeply. So will the new foldable device Galaxy Z Flip be able to close criticism in Fold?

The first Galaxy Fold, launched by Samsung last year, was not liked by users despite the good data announced by the company. Everything, from the screen of the device to its hinge, from the usage to the difficulties it offers, has been showered with criticism.

Samsung seems to have taken enough lessons from these criticisms and its previous device. The new foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which we will see in the coming weeks, looks good with its appearance and some features. So what features will we find in Galaxy Fold on the previous Galaxy Z Flip? Let’s take a look at this issue.

Folding direction:
What we mean by folding is very simple. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can be folded vertically. This is better suited to the way we use smartphones today. After all, the most important feature that will carry foldable phones in our pocket is functionality.

Due to its thick structure and large screen, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was a rather useless device due to the difficulty of carrying it. But Galaxy Z Flip will get much better reviews as it has a portable and compact design.

General design:
To date, we have encountered images that allegedly belong to the Galaxy Z Flip. We also saw the rendered images. We cannot know how accurate these images are, but the device will have a structure similar to the designs we see.

As we just mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was too thick when folded. In addition, the hinge of the device was a strange, and the notch on its screen was another matter of discussion. If we look at the Galaxy Z Flip pictures we see on the internet, we can expect the phone to have a much better design.

Screen design:
Above you see the image that allegedly belongs to the prototype of Galaxy Z Flip. Compare this device with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. How much difference is there? We will see a much simpler screen on the new foldable phone.

Glass screen:
This issue is not officially confirmed at the moment, but there are a lot of claims around. According to the claims, we will see a thin and foldable glass instead of plastic on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Will there be any disadvantages this screen has to offer, we will see this over time.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched abroad with a $ 2,000 price tag. According to a recent claim, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be around $ 1,300. So this device will be cheaper than iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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