5 Tips to avoid scams during the Hot Sale 2020


The so-called Hot Sale 2020 has already started, will end on June 1. It is a week of online shopping where users must take advantage of the best offers to buy at a good price or at a discount what they have always wanted.

But you should know that sometimes Internet shopping is not safe, perhaps you get carried away by emotion and buy something more expensive than what could have come from another store, you entered your data wrongly or you entered a fake site and you can be robbery victim, among others. Therefore, we leave you a list with 5 tips to avoid fraud and so you can make safer purchases.

Check stores and official sites
If you already know what kind of products you are going to buy, just look for specialized or recognized stores to purchase your purchases. Remember that you only have to enter official sites, verify that a padlock symbol appears on your site, that will indicate that the page is safe, also follow the marks on their social networks, with a verified profile with blue popcorn.

Compare prices and offers
Do not go ahead or get carried away by the offers or low prices, compare the same product in different places, months without interest or discount it has, also look for previous prices to see if the offer really suits or is just a “phantom” promotion.

Read the small letters
Many sites have large offers, but the small letters without the important ones, you must read what kind of discounts, cards, interests, restrictions, shipping and availability exist on the product you want so that you do not get caught by surprises and buy badly.

Add benefits
Some offers may include discount discounts, interest-free months or gift products when purchasing such a specific quantity or product, for example, screens that can bring a free DVD player if you buy the larger one. Check in all stores before buying something.

Take care of your data
Remember to only enter secure sites, do not provide other information that is not necessary, sometimes stores only ask for the name of the buyer, address in case of requiring shipments and your card information, they should not ask for more, they may ask for an account to verify the purchase and send the purchase details.


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