5 times Jungkook surprise ARMY with his tattoos


Jungkook has several tattoos with special meanings, although he usually has them hidden.

Junkook not only possesses a trait that gives him confidence and increases his attractiveness in a positive way, the idol is also careful with ARMY with his dance and voice.

But there is something else that manages to excite fans: their tattoos. Although I do not have to boast them completely, since he usually covers them with his clothes, there are few times that they have boasted in public, which causes the emotion of fandom to be able to know the drawings that have been made, especially for the meaning they have some of them. We leave you 5 moments when Kookie’s tattoos took center stage.

ARMY Tattoo
The idol decided to take the fandom into account, ARMY has been a great support for the boys and he always wants to take them with him, that’s why, when the first photos of Jungkook with the tattoo appeared, the fandom could not believe his gesture.

Flower of birth
Jungkook wants to have something significant with him, one of his tattoos was the flower of his birth, which coincides with his day of birth. The flower that corresponds to Jungkook is that of the Tiger.

Body tattoos
Kookie not only has tattoos on his arms and hands, apparently, his taste for them is such that he has one on one side of his body, almost at the level of the ribs. Not fully disclosed yet, but ARMY had another reason to get excited in “ON” promotions

First tattoos
The first time he confirmed that he had tattoos was during the Bon Voyage trip, Kookie wore a shirt without covering his arms, revealing the drawings he had. ARMY was beginning to get excited about his tattoos.

Twitter King
ARMY always expects Junkook to wear his tattoos without covering, so when he shoots videos without covering them they get excited. His latest tweet has set a record high in Twitter history, not only wowing his voice, but also thrilling all fans with his youthful look and showing off his tattoos.



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