5 times J-Hope showed his more serious side


You will not believe how the idol is transformed.

Although J-Hope has one of the personalities more brightly within BTS it has been shown to have a side seriously , because the dancer knows when be more reflective .

There are multiple times when Hobi has shown how he changes his attitude to a quieter and more observant way to adapt to the situation he is living in, for example, during the recording of a video or while teaching someone a new step.


The wonderful thing about this is that he knows how to differentiate these aspects, because soon after he becomes the sun of ARMY , the idol returns to be that happy boy who complements his funny personality by brightening the day of those around him.

These are the times when Hoseok has proven to be more serious than you think :

When you are not giving your best
J-Hope is a very perfectionist in the dance area, when he went to the reallity ‘Under Ninteen ‘ to supervise how the participants were forming their performance with ‘ Fake Love ‘, he showed a very serious gesture on his face .

When you are honest with the fans.
J-Hope is one of the most Idols approach has its fans , when talking about something very important projects or take the time necessary to explain and ARMY understand what you mean.

In virtual reality games
A J-Hope he likes a lot of the games , but on this occasion they suffered because apart from being seriously the idol was very frightened by the ride mountain coaster that made the most fun were his companions BTS .

When they don’t let it rest
During a Bangtan Bomb , Hobi showed his serious side when Jimin and Taehyung were doing some mischief.

When they record something important for the group.
J-Hope’s professional attitude immediately seems that BTS has to do a presentation or some rehearsal, giving all the support to his teammates in some doubts or problems they have with the choreography, but always very serious and dedicated.


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