5 TikTokers that will make you laugh that you should know


TikTok has become one of the favorite apps of many. The videos that are published in this social network have gone viral on the Internet.

The platform allows you to record short videos with different types of effects and sounds to customize your ideas that will make you popular. Many are the users who have shared different types of content that can entertain you for hours.

If you are new to TikTok or want to know some of the most popular channels so you don’t stop laughing, we leave you a list with 5 TikTokers that you should know, their comedy is original and you can identify with more than one video.

Paco de Miguel

This celeb has gone viral thanks to him copycat videos.

Paco de Miguel plays the classic school teachers, in addition to the behaviors that our moms have when they fight against technology and some of the school situations that we face, all with a touch of comedy and exaggeration that will remind you of your student days.

The invisible layer

Although it is not comedy, this channel will help you explore and know the whole Harry Potter universe, if you have not read the books or are not a fan of reading, it will reveal all the doubts, curiosities and more about the magical world.

Mariana Palaciios

Existential doubts or the most difficult mysteries to solve? She is the one for you.

Mariana will solve unknowns in a fun way and reaching unexpected conclusions.

Angel monnroy

Does it happen to you at school? This boy perfectly imitates the different types of classmates that we usually face in school, as well as situations with teachers or with your mother. With their videos you can identify yourself or your best friend.


She is known for taking comedy to another level, portraying the macho behaviors that we live in our environment and although they cause laughter, it is a reality that must change.

Her macho character is known as “Tomás”

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