5 things you didn’t know about Blackpink’s Jennie


Since Blackpink’s Jennie debuted with the group in 2016, they have been rapidly moving towards success at an unprecedented level worldwide.

Their success includes being the first K-pop group to join the cast at Coachella 2019. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about Blackpink’s Jennie, who turned 24 on January 16 this year.

5 things you didn’t know

A Rihanna dedicated

The best idol of this artist is Rihanna. In her youth, Jennie reportedly auditioned for her current label YG Entertainment with Rihanna’s Take a Bow rendition.

It continues today as the singer sang like Rihanna, including Jennie’s debut solo album Solo in 2018. Jennie pronounces the word Solo as seven syllables. This is reminiscent of Rihanna’s style of singing with the hit Umbrella.

Yoga Fan

In the famous television series Star Road that aired and focused on this group in 2018, Jennie explained her fitness regime as pilates and flying yoga; The second is a Korean term often used for the anti-gravity style of this discipline.

Blackpink’s official Instagram shared various advanced poses like the star emerging from the forearm foot. There are posts like on Valentine’s Day 2017 where Jennie poses while hanging on to the fabric that defies gravity.

House goddess

Rapper is a confident cook. In a vlog post last year, the star revealed that one of her regular dishes is avocado in rice mixed with salted pollock fish roe. She then went on to share the process of preparing this dish with fans. “I have been eating so often lately,” she said.

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A multi-tool skill

Jennie has trained as a versatile vocalist since her youth. Yildiz is also very knowledgeable about playing musical instruments such as guitar and piano. Jennie also reportedly played the flute. Check out Jennie’s guitar and solo singing performance on YouTube with Daniel Ceasar’s Best Track cover.

A visual storyteller

It was reported that Jennie wanted to be a photographer. Talent continues to be in this passion with the collection of pictures posted on the Instagram page called Lesyeuxdenini.


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