5 Things We Like about Madden NFL 23 (5 Things We Don’t Like)


Listing the things that people love and hate about Madden NFL 23 is no longer what it was in years past. Quite confidently, both love and hate could be invoked in “everything that was said last year, the same is true this year.” But this time there are some changes that are worth exploring.

Any change is bound to be perceived as a good change in Madden NFL 23. Not all of these changes are actually positive, but for a franchise that has been at a standstill for so long, a simple effort to do something different is at least unnatural. perceived as laziness.

10 favorites: new nuances of wrestling

It is somewhat incorrect to praise the new ball selection system due to the large number of new animations. For the most part, players with the ball will play the same animation as before, with the notorious controller vibrations occurring even before the hit is recorded.

But the sunny side here is that this animation, once included in it, is not the end. The ball and the ball holder can be affected for additional groping or pushing back and forth. it’s not the complete end of the animation addiction, but it’s a step in the right direction that gives players extra control at these moments on both sides of the ball.

9. Disliked: monetization

When the franchise decided to add a bunch of microtransactions for single player in addition to multiplayer, some gamers hoped that this was a bug that would be fixed in the future. Nope. Microtransactions are coming back.

As an additional layer of guile, EA’s highest level of service, EA Play Pro, no longer unlocks the best package for gamers automatically. This package is worth the price of a huge game, and he still has the guts to extract more money from his prayers. Want the best midfielder in Ultimate Team mode? Knead the dough.

8. Liked: new player models

Tired of seeing the same bodies used for everyone in the offensive line? Thank God, the players can now be distinguished from each other.

It got bad when the best linebackers looked the same as the worst, so the players following their blockers often made mistakes about which one of them was blocking. These different body types are suitable for all positions, and this gives the game a much-needed variety.

7. Didn’t like: faces

While the models have undergone major repairs, the athletes’ faces are still in a deplorable state. This becomes more noticeable as graphics improve on all consoles, and series such as NBA 2K and MLB The Show begin to make players extremely recognizable.

In helmets, everyone just has an empty, ordinary face. This is a game that revives the stars of the past to play with the stars of today. Facial fidelity is important, and the lack of updates in this area is a concern.

6 Liked it: gameplay is at stake

When playing defense, professional players almost always choose someone second. Playing defense was a waste of control, as these players were either completely eliminated or got to the QB/RB without assistance.

Now playing with one of the best defensive players can significantly affect the game. Double coverage is not an automatic exception to the game, and moves are executed faster. Pocket pickers may not like it, but it’s more realistic and more fun for the other side of the ball.

5. Didn’t like it: protection abilities (lack of) catching

It is widely known that the pass was a bad moment for the franchise. Passes were so overrated and risky that tournament winners used players as quarterbacks to save money for runners and blockers.

The nerf of the defensive backfield was inevitable, but he went too far. Even the best outfield defenders in the league are constantly losing in any competition. Maybe take out those 50/50 jumpers they come with, of course, but keep their ability to take the ball away.

4. Favorite: The drumstick is back

Perhaps the most little-known change is related to the joystick. Of course, the statement that the joystick is working again means an admission that it did not work properly, which is not very good for a popular feature that debuted several decades ago, but has sunk into obscurity.

Now, instead of a sharp miss, the impact stick strikes a powerful blow. Fortunately, it’s a video game, so players don’t have to worry about the concussion protocol. Strong punches bring back the classic era of football, which every fan will appreciate.

3. I didn’t like: the same old videos

It’s hard to believe that the new package of changes did not include new animation clips. This dispassionate referee, the coaches talking to each other on the sidelines, the applause of the fans, the show before the game, anyone who has played Madden for the last ten years will be familiar with all this before playing the game for the first time.


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