5 Seconds Of Summer premieres Old Me, new video


5 Seconds Of Summer premieres Old Me, new video. The group aroused the nostalgia of its followers with an emotional video that takes us back to its beginnings.

Prior to the release of their next record material under the name of ‘CALM’, the Australian group premiered the video for ‘Old Me’, a song that was released in recent days through a lyric video and through streaming and downloading platforms. The lyric video was created from different childhood photographs of the boys of 5SOS, awakening the nostalgia of their followers who have accompanied them since their beginnings on YouTube and that, therefore, have witnessed their personal growth and also the musical evolution they have had as a group. After that video clip, the expectation for the official video was increased.

The lyrics of ‘Old Me’ was a key factor for this feeling that flooded the 5SOSFAM and, at the same time, provided the followers with a way to recognize their own effort over the years to achieve their different goals. These are verses that express the difficulties involved in pursuing a dream while everything around you seems to want to demotivate you , the sacrifices that are made as part of that process and the way in which life and relationships around you are modified.

With the help of their musical skills, 5SOS created this thanks to themselves , because when the world seems to be against you, your own effort, commitment and dedication is all you have to demonstrate your potential and achieve your goals.

“I’m glad you didn’t listen when the world tried to stop me.”

Now, for the official video of this melody, Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael embark on a journey that takes them through the different stages of their lives together . While we see a train moving in a straight line in the middle of nowhere, Luke is the first to appear, while we see him sitting in an empty car, Michael appears at once, then Calum and then Ashton, following the same order in which they joined to form the band after Luke started uploading cover videos to his YouTube account.

Michael , who was not exactly his friend, was impressed by Luke’s effort and work , which motivated an approach due to his interest in music, Calum , being Luke’s friend was inevitably involved and together they pursued the dream of having his own live performance, for which they had to find a drummer, Ashton.

More people begin to appear and it is then that we see one of the first photographs that the group used to promote their music , then 4 boys appear who refer us to the members of the group in their initial stage as artists, using a style of clothing and hairstyle similar to the one we saw them use years ago.

While the members of 5SOS currently hold their instruments and interpret the melody of ‘Old Me’ during the trip, we see the scenes interspersed between them and their younger ‘I’. The car doors open and close with some eventuality, the first look outside the train shows the 4 boys who practiced in a room while playing Guitar Hero. Calum holds a soccer ball, reminding us that he gave up becoming a professional footballer to risk everything for the group together with his friends.

In the same way, the seriousness of 5SOS in current and younger versions is interrupted by the smiles that when they are together are inevitable. We observe the daily coexistence between boys who return from school to spend time together, going from the living room to the kitchen while joking, but also while building a dream together.

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The car doors open again and we see Luke in his room, holding a guitar and writing, behind him the wall shows his love for music and his fanaticism for bands he admires. In a similar environment, the boys gather to recreate the photographs that would make up the cover of their first EP ‘Somewhere New’, showing that their dream in music was serious and so they wanted everyone to notice.

They prepare an ideal space to continue rehearsing according to their possibilities at that time, using spaces of their own houses originally intended for a different function. This version of 5SOS gets on the train and meets its ‘I’ of the present, who look longingly and proudly at what they once lived.


The video also shows a fast and discreet reference One Direction, where we see a group of boys laughing in the train while they wear clothes similar to the style of 1D in their first music video, important detail if we consider that the fame of the group began to grow later that Louis declared himself a fan of the group and invited them to participate in his tour.

The train continues to advance and the 5SOS trip timeline also, group followers begin to appear while holding support posters and the faces of the boys printed on cardboard. Following this we see the first show that the group had with a small audience at Annandale Hotel, an event that only motivated them and increased their desire to fully devote themselves to what made them happy.

The school presentations, the covers uploaded to YouTube, all this has taken them along a long road, full of adventures and surrounded by those who are not only the members of their band, but the friends who managed to understand them and support their dream as nobody else could do what. The result has been incredible, that’s why the wagon opens again, this time to show a full stadium applauding its music, these last images were filmed in its recent presentation in Australia, where they sought to raise funds and support the fight against forest fires of his country.

That is where the boys descend and continue to live the dream they have built . Old Me is a look at the past and at the same time a 5SOS encounter with themselves , since, as the song explains, everything they once decided is reflected in their present.

Watch the ‘Old Me’ video here:


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