5 Reasons Why Stock Android Is Better Than Custom ROMs


5 Reasons Why Stock Android Is Better Than Custom ROMs

The Android operating system is an operating system where developers can play and integrate their own custom interfaces, rather than just a fixed operating system. In this article, we will explain why it makes more sense to use stock Android instead of using custom ROM.

Google’s smartphone operating system Android, users and developers with great freedom to provide attention. The Android operating system is very useful and up-to-date, as well as some special ROMs that most people don’t know and only those people can find by searching. These custom ROMs are made exclusively by developers and work differently from the stock Android version.

What is Stock Android?


What we are talking about as Android is an unmodified and simple version of Google’s operating system. Most smartphone manufacturers integrate this version of Android into their phones. This version of Android is also called Pure or Vanilla Android because it has not been played much. Manufacturers who want to make custom interfaces on this version can access Google Android’s open source code and add features for their phones. Let’s move on to why stock Android is better than special ROMs without further ado.


Android güvenlik

Google Androids Android operating system is designed to withstand security and malware threats. In addition, Google is releasing updates more quickly if any vulnerabilities are encountered, thus enabling smartphones to be free from the vulnerability. Customized Android versions are more likely to have more vulnerabilities and may take longer to update. Hence the stock is one of the first items leading the Android version, security.


Android güncelleme

Smartphone models with stock Android version are smartphones that will always receive updates first. Google has been improving its method of publishing updates over the past years, so devices with a stock Android version can instantly have this update as soon as any application’s update is released. In the customized Android versions, new updates may cause you to install the phone much later or even not to install at all. Not to be able to install new Android updates on your smartphone.


In addition to offering original software, the stock Android version offers you enough freedom. This feature in the stock version, which also allows you to delete installed applications, may not be available in customized ROMs in some cases. These unnecessary applications and files on special ROMs that come with applications that will never be used can dramatically reduce the speed of the phone and the amount of storage space.

Improved performance and space

Due to productivity, which is one of the focuses of the stock Android version, Google offers improved performance and a large amount of storage space in the stock Android version. If you prefer custom ROM over Android, which doesn’t take up unnecessary space and steal applications from the life of the phone, your phone might run slower than it should; battery life may be shortened and storage space may be considerably reduced.

Enhanced user experience

Stock Android offers users a better experience because of its design. The operating system is becoming more and more advanced and therefore more useful. The stock Android version, which offers a simpler use with various shortcuts, is also very handy due to the quick updates mentioned a few items earlier.

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