5 Reasons Jan Di Should Stay With Ji Hoo


The Boys Over Flowers love triangle is one of our favorites, do you think Jan Di should have chosen Ji Hoo?

Romance is one of the qualities that we see present in much of K-Dramas, but there are elements that make any love story more interesting. One of them is the love triangles, but if there is one that we cannot overcome, it is Boys Over Flowers.

When there is a secondary boy in the series, each person chooses if they like him or the protagonist more and, although we almost always see the girl stay with the main character, many of the secondary boys manage to captivate the audience.

Ji Hoo is one of those cases, since although Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s love is very beautiful, the personality and qualities of the calmest of the F4s made him a strong candidate to win the heart of the protagonist.

Therefore, although several years have passed since the premiere of this K-Drama, the debate between who deserved Jan Di’s heart still gives way to a very interesting debate.

If you are one of the people who since watching Boys Over Flowers declared themselves as Team Ji Hoo, then you will agree with the following points that will make you remember the series.



Ji Hoo was always willing to help his, even when he didn’t ask. How many times have we not seen this boy trying to make life easier for Jan Di? From giving him his tennis shoes so he wouldn’t walk barefoot, buying his medicine when he had a cold, lending his hat and even helping him clean windows when the girl covered his mother at work.


Also, Ji Hoo was by his side when he had a difficult time and had to stop swimming. He was part of the friends who helped Jan Di close that cycle in his life and together they discovered a new dream to pursue. So he was always motivating his to find another activity that he would be passionate about.


Ji Hoo cared so much about Jan Di’s well-being that he put this girl’s feelings above his own. Despite being in love with his, he tried to make Jun Pyo and Jan Di’s relationship work when they faced misunderstandings, but he often ended up comforting the girl’s sad heart.


With Ji Hoo, Jan Di didn’t have to worry about an evil mother-in-law trying to destroy his relationship, ruining the lives of his family or his friends. Everything was simpler and he would continue to receive the love that boy was willing to give him.


Ji Hoo did not criticize the way Jan Di behaved, although Ji Hoo’s lifestyle was very different from that of the protagonist, he never judged his friends, their plans or the way he preferred to do things. On the contrary, it seemed interesting to his and he was able to know a new vision of life.

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