5 Reasons for Lucifer to Win! Here are the reasons


For the grand finale, Lucifer will face La Casa de Papel! And here are 5 reasons why Netflix’s evil series absolutely must win.

It’s official ! We are in the home stretch of the 2020 Series World Cup. The results of the semi-finals have been revealed and it was the Lucifer series that beat The 100 with over 64% of the votes. On the other side, it was the series La Casa de Papel that beat Sex Education with over 61% of the votes. The grand finale will therefore take place between Lucifer and La Casa de Papel and we are counting on you to vote every day for your favorite series JUST HERE. But we have already made our choice and our heart is clearly beating for Lucifer. Why ? Because this series is simply brilliant. Well, we grant you, it’s a little light as an explanation. So we give you 5 good reasons to vote for Netflix’s devilishly sexy series over La Casa de Papel.


There isn’t a show like Lucifer right now. Not only for its subject, which features the Devil himself, being bored in Hell and deciding to come and have fun on Earth, to end up consulting for the police, but also for its dimension, which is difficult to catalog. It presents itself both as a thriller with its police investigations, a fantasy series with the devil / angel side, Hell and the powers of each other, but it is also very comical and sometimes romantic. All these ingredients thus form an original cocktail which has the gift of making everyone agree.


What we love about Lucifer is that each episode combines several plots. There are those that are linked to police investigations and that are always engaging, intelligent and well conducted. There are those much more fantastic, related to Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze and Hell, which never cease to surprise us. And then there are also those related to the characters, their own problems and their relationships between them, as interesting as they are touching.

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If there is one thing that we are sure of when we start an episode of Lucifer, it is that we will not be bored. The series is super well paced, alternating moments of suspense, action scenes, emotional moments, investigations and stories of each. But above all, it never ceases to amaze us, chaining the most unexpected twists and turns. The last season was no exception to the rule, making us ever more eager to see the next episode.


Being an original series, complex and full of twists and turns is good, but what makes the success of a series above all are its characters. And on that side, those of Lucifer did not disappoint us. Whether it is Lucifer, Chloe, Maze, Amenadiel or even Linda, they all have a lot of depth, richness, characters of their own and feelings that make you become attached to them. quickly and that we freak out for them when they are in danger. And that is even more important than everything else.

Lucifer et Chloé, le couple star de la série


There is a lot of humor and action in Lucifer, but not that. There are also many moving moments, which sometimes make us shed a small tear or which, on the contrary, make us feel good. There is love, friendship, compassion, caring, sadness, anger, fear and you feel it all with depth and empathy. Much more than watching an episode of La Casa de Papel.


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