5 Questions Quickly Resolved Through Technology


Technology has promoted a series of revolutions in society, precisely because of all the facilities sought by scholars over time. Thus, in current times, it is possible to carry out various actions very quickly and quickly.

Little by little, we are realizing, in our global situation, how technology has already become essential in all the movements we make every day. In this sense, we created a list full of situations and issues that are resolved very quickly due to technology.

Internet communication

With a simple touch, we can connect with the whole world. The internet presented a series of trends to its users, created professions, gave freedom of expression and made it possible to share information between different groups very quickly. Numerous websites were created and communication became even stronger, showing how it is an essential tool for social maintenance.

Capture apps

Among so many applications that can be accessed easily by any smartphone these days, there are some that have made real revolutions. When we listen to some music that we don’t know yet, for example, we can easily trigger one of these apps to find out the title of the track we’re listening to. If in the past, when turning on the radio, people had to wait for the presenter to talk about the song, nowadays, this is no longer necessary.

SSD memory

In general terms, an SSD, which stands for Solid State Drive, basically consists of a new data storage format, which goes beyond the classic HD (hard drive, or hard disk, in Portuguese). Portuguese). Many computers have internal memory, but gradually this becomes something extremely fragile and obsolete. In this sense, the SSD appears as a solution to this problem, ensuring that electronic devices are even faster and can store everything that is needed.

Instant translation

In the past, when someone wanted to learn a new language, they had to spend hours and hours looking up dictionaries and checking translations, pronunciations and other important mechanisms. As much as this is still a necessary evil today, technology has advanced enough to provide new things. There are smartphones, for example, which, with their ultra-advanced cameras and efficient operating systems, can translate everything that is visible in real time.

Home deliveries

To close the list, we could not fail to mention a great question of modern times. Currently, through applications, it is possible to select markets, restaurants and stores of the most varied styles and segments to buy and then receive all the items purchased in the comfort of your home. Nothing could be more interesting than that, right?

Well then, everything that was already good in theory can improve in practice. It is in this context that Daki, a company in tune with all market trends, emerged. Determined to create an even more agile business model for consumers, those behind this idea are revolutionizing everything that was already known about delivery.

Currently, the platform, which operates 100% digitally, can deliver to around 60 districts between the cities of São Paulo, Campinas, Greater ABC, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói in up to 15 minutes. Very fast, right? Interested parties can download the app through their smartphone’s app store (either Android or iOS) and enjoy all these advantages!

As a pioneer in ultra-fast deliveries, Daki is committed to making its customers more and more comfortable with their purchases. So that everything works in the best way, the company has small distribution centers spread throughout the city, allowing the initially stipulated time to be successfully fulfilled.

“We want our customers to have the best experience, from the moments when they are in the middle of a recipe and forget an ingredient to the days they need to make the purchase of the week, but don’t want to leave the house to make the best use of their time”, said Alex Bretzner, CMO and co-founder of Daki, through an official press release.