5 products you can buy for the price of Galaxy Z Fold 2


Samsung started selling its new foldable smartphone in Brazil, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. And as much as all its technology is very cool, what really caught his attention was the price: R $ 14 thousand.

If you are like me, you probably found this value a little too expensive, after all it would be possible to buy in cash even a used Renaut Clio 2011, but in good condition. So I decided to do an exercise here in bringing you five very cool technology products that you could buy in cash only with the value of a Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy S20 +

Let’s start with cell phones, since Fold is also one, right. It may not even be foldable, but the Galaxy S20 + does bring a very good set for a smartphone, and for a price that is around R $ 3,500. Great screen, very good cameras, powerful hardware and everything, and even Samsung’s own functions that the foldable has, such as wireless reverse charging and payments via NFC. About the same price range, you can also find the iPhone XR, a Zenfone 6 and the Moto G 5G that has just been released as well.

PlayStation 4 Mega Pack

Now that we’ve secured the phone, how about a video game ready to play? With about R $ 2,500, you can buy a Playstation 4 in a package that includes a controller, three very cool games and up to three months of PlayStation Plus subscription. Just take it out of the box, plug in the TV via HDMI and go out and play. You don’t even need to have a screen that folds to have fun with it.

iRobot Roomba 960

Between a look at social media and a game in the video game, once in a while we need to stop and clean up the house a little. But spending a lot of money, around R $ 5,000, we got a lot of help in this task. The Roomba 996 from iRobot is a robot vacuum cleaner of the most intelligent, full of advanced features. He manages to create virtual maps full of visual points so he doesn’t get lost, goes back to the base to recharge when he needs to, and then continues the cleaning where he left off, manages to clean corners, carpets and rugs and integrates with his smart home too.

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Echo Show 8

Speaking of smart home, with the budget of a Galaxy Z Fold 2, you can go beyond basic smart speakers and include an Echo Show 8 in our list. It not only includes Alexa for you to interact with your robot vacuum cleaner and other smart devices for through voice commands, but also an eight-inch HD screen and stereo sound to play multimedia content, such as a cooking recipe video, for example, or your favorite movies and series. And he also has a camera so you can even make video calls over there. All this for about R $ 900.

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Kit

You can’t talk about a smart home without lamps, and in this segment Philips is one of the most high-end brands. So we included in the list a kit that already includes three smart lamps and a Philips control hub, so that you can make your configuration with several integrated points, including presets for moments of games, movies and other situations, and everything controlled by application or by voice commands day Alexa, Google Assistant or even Siri.

There is a list with five high-level devices that you can buy only for the price of a Galaxy Z Fold 2. And look, my accounts still have about R $ 1 thousand left, so I could even do an upgrade on one of the models that I said here and get something even better, or else you could buy everything in paçoca, which also makes us happy.


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