5 products to keep an eye on Black Friday


With the arrival of Black Friday, interest in state-of-the-art electronic products increases, especially due to the numerous offers from several brands with unique and unmissable discounts. Customers eagerly await this time of year to spend the savings offset by great prices that are unlikely to come in other months.

Check out five products that are on the rise and promise to change your lifestyle, delivering more practicality, comfort and speed in activities.

Smart bulbs

With a futuristic proposal, smart lamps offer dynamism and a new look to environments. Connected via Bluetooth to the Wi-Fi network, it is possible to change the frequency of light emission, colors, temperature and operation through mobile devices and voice commands.

Virtual Assistants

In a time when there is so much talk about optimizing time and avoiding waste, virtual assistants are much more than interactive agendas. They are able to integrate calendar, audio and video media playback, artificial intelligence devices, among many other activities. All this service significantly facilitates the day to day.


With technologies and resources for all audiences, such as image quality, resolution, connection ports, Smart functions, types of display and size, televisions are always in the most sought after items in the catalogs of stores, and now is the time to give that renewed.


With the daily movement, notebooks are an excellent alternative to desktop computers, delivering even superior performances for those looking to optimize work and multitasking functions. With devices, it is much more practical to play online comfortably, watch videos, use professional software and browse the internet, which makes them one of the most popular products during Black Friday.

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Wi-Fi repeaters

Wi-Fi repeaters are the cheapest and simplest solution for distributing the internet throughout the home. This device can be a good alternative for those who are far from the modem or router and suffer from low connection or network loss while watching movies, playing games or performing other activities that depend on the internet. It’s time to say goodbye to the “dead zones”.

But there is no point in having the latest equipment if the internet is unable to support all these activities. Having a plan that is capable of feeding these connections is as important as the quality of the devices.

Oi Fibra is the fixed internet service that came to transform and make life easier for customers. With basic plans and packages for the whole house, sharing files, playing online without crashes, accessing streaming platforms without losing quality and many other activities are possible with complete comfort and without inconvenience.

There are no more excuses for not buying state-of-the-art electronic devices, since Oi Fibra’s dual-band quality of 2.4G and 5G networks supply the devices in a large area, distributing quality internet regardless of the amount of equipment connected to the high performance WiFi Up modem. With Black Friday coming up, it is the right time for you to be part of the Oi subscriber team and take advantage of all the offers in the best in Wi-Fi technology and connectivity.


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