5 More Phones Added to YouTube Signature Devices List


5 new smartphones have been added to the YouTube Signature Devices list introduced by Google in 2018. So you can experience the highest level of YouTube experience with these phones.

In 2018, a new program was introduced in the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note9: YouTube Signature Devices. Under this program, devices that Google believed to offer the best YouTube experience were listed.

At that time, there were only 18 phones in this list. However, as time went on, new devices were added to this list and as the devices were added, the list began to grow. Here are 5 new devices added to this list: OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, LG V60 ThinQ, Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge +.

YouTube Signature Devices
In order for a device to enter the YouTube Signature Devices list, it must have 6 technological features determined by Google: HDR, 360º video, 4K encoding, high frame rate, VP9 codec and DRM performance. Google stated that they are working closely with smartphone manufacturers to meet these phones’ minimum performance standards.

Here are brief descriptions of the features that Google wants to meet:

Thanks to the High Dynamic Range support, you can watch videos in more detailed, lifelike colors. The HDR feature allows a device to display better contrast.

In fact, it can be easily understood from the name of this feature. Whether on the phone screen or VR (virtual reality) titles, 360 degree video experience is provided.

4K coding (decoding): 4K encoding feature allows videos to be watched in high resolution.

High frame rate: You can have a smoother video viewing experience thanks to this feature where the frame rate over 60 FPS is meant.

New generation video codecs: With this feature, you can watch high resolution videos on YouTube using less than 30% of the bandwidth.

DRM performance (digital rights management): The phones in the Signature Devices list allow you to watch the content without disrupting your viewing experience, from YouTube TV to rented movies.

So if you own any of these five phones mentioned above or plan to buy them soon, you can assume that you can experience YouTube at the highest level.


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