5 Outstanding Shootout Scenes in Science Fiction


Science fiction is often an environment involving taking concepts from other genres of fiction and moving them to a new place to see what will change. One of the favorite themes of science fiction authors is the battle of the future. Since firearms are modern weapons, it goes without saying that they will become a support in the future.

The weapon chosen in the artwork determines its unique action. Dune wouldn’t be what it is today without its stellar knife fight scenes. Star Wars is full of laser weapons, but his favorite weapon is a lightsaber. Other sci-fi stories take a harsher path and choose weapons.

Lobby – Matrix (1999)

Realism is a fun tool when it comes to shooting scenes. It’s not a binary, it’s a slider with a million different points. Wachowski’s seminal work on cyberpunk includes some of the most influential action scenes in the history of cinema. This is one of those films that is strange to watch in the modern era, because everything that came out after its release is borrowed from it. There are plenty of kung fu battles and unique fighting scenes that make up the iconic action movie tapestry, but there’s nothing more exciting than a gunfight in the lobby. Neo and Trinity make their way through metal detectors just to show off their hip—mounted arsenal and empty out the cops’ room-this is one of the best opening bits of an action scene, and it just builds from there. This is one of the best scenes in the history of science fiction, and it makes excellent use of the unique fairy-tale world of the film.

Storming MNU – District 9 (2009)

Neil Blomkamp’s directorial debut received praise for a number of well-executed aspects, making it one of the most popular science fiction films of our time. His dark social commentary, brilliant technical details and emotionally gutted storyline made him a stellar work of down-to-earth science fiction. His battle scenes weren’t the first praise for any of his fans, but they were still excellent. The film takes place in Johannesburg, which acts as an apartheid state with newly found alien species. Vikus Sharlto Copley is an operative of multinational associations who was unexpectedly granted an alien mutation. Suddenly given the opportunity to wield alien weapons, Vikus joins the well-intentioned alien Christopher Johnson to attack the base of his former employers. It’s a tense and powerful action scene, which is even more unnerving because of what Vikus and Chris find inside.

Code Breaking – Mandalorian (2019)

Although the Star Wars franchise usually prefers to present its main battle scenes through saber duels, The Mandalorian represents some of the best blaster fights in the history of science fiction. There are too many great shootouts to choose from, but one of the earliest parts in its ongoing history presents the perfect scene of escalating combat. This happens in Chapter 3: “Sin”, in which Mando decides to break the rules of the Bounty Hunters Guild in favor of protecting the Child. This puts him in conflict with Vulture the Hag and his army of bounty hunters. He is forced to fight his way through countless enemy shooters. He uses a floating cart as a shelter, turns enemies into dust with his powerful rifle and shoots wildly with a flamethrower. It is a desperate struggle with incredible difficulties until an army of fellow Mandalorians appears to turn the situation around. It even ends with a quick draw duel with the Hag. This is one of the best battles of this great show, and it remains to be seen if the upcoming third season will surpass it.

The Beginning of the Revolution – Equilibrium (2002)

This underrated sci-fi dystopian action movie features some of the most unique shootouts on the movie screen. The film takes place in a world under the heel of a dictatorial regime that keeps the population in check with the help of a drug that suppresses emotions. Christian Bale plays John Preston, an enforcer who ironically turns out to be against his ideology. As a result, he uses his incredible fighting skills against his former peers. Closer to the final scene, Preston is captured by his fellow warriors and has to shoot from captivity in hand-to-hand combat with the dictator. This is a strange and powerful shootout, in which the tricks of an underrated film are fully used.

“Human casualties: 0,0” — “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991)

As everyone knows, “T2” is one of the most powerful sci-fi action movies ever created. Although the opening scene depicting a nightmarish future war between man and machine is often highly praised, there are many wonderful shootouts in it. During the scene in which Miles Dyson and John Connor are trying to change the future, the T-800 is busy with a huge army of police waiting outside. The T-800 was clearly ordered never to take a human life, but it still comes to the window with a minigun and a grenade launcher.


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