5 outfits inspired by Jin’s style


BTS’s Jin is a guy who loves fashion, check out these looks and get ready to dress cool every day.

The member of BTS, besides having an incredible sensitivity to music, is an artist who likes to combine the clothes in his closet in a unique way and that always reflects his characteristic personality.

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족발 먹구 잠 히히

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Jin is an idol who dresses very comfortably, but always proposes different combinations when creating ideal outfits and looks that go perfectly with his busy schedule of work and presentations with BTS.

Whatever clothes Seok Jin wears looks amazing, the ‘Awake’ singer, born on December 4, 1992 in the city of Anyang Gwangcheon in South Korea, is a great inspiration for you to have fun with your clothes.

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ON 석지니

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To complement your different looks, we highly recommend you visit: 5 styles inspired by Korean makeup perfect for you. You will look beautiful with these simple makeup tips.

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Cool guy
Jin is very fond of experimenting with vibrant and eye-catching colors, but he balances his look with a more somber hue like black.

The boy from the airport
This airport outfit is very relaxed, but at the same time very practical, Jin looks great and very fresh. If you want a more produced look you can add accessories.

Casual but trendy
Jin loves denim pants, but this time we’ll give his look a twist so you have another option this hot time of year.

Jin is very comfortable wearing dark colors in his outfits and always gives a special touch with his accessories, such as hats or large bags.

Chic at the airport
In this look, Seok Jin combined quite a lot of textures in a very interesting way, first denim, then leather, and finally cotton.


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