5 Outfits inspired by Red Velvet and their fashion styles


Grab some ideas, play with your style, these Red Velvet idol outfits are easy to wear and you’ll love the K-pop star combinations.

The Red Velvet girls are well-rounded artists who have not only developed their careers in music, they have also performed very gracefully in modeling, design, dubbing, and acting.

The style of the girl group created by the SM Entertainment company is made up of “Red” and “Velvet”, totally different concepts, but which give the interpreters of “Automatic” an incredible identity.

Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, Irene and Yeri have also shown their very particular vision of fashion, a brilliance that identifies them as great icons within the South Korean entertainment industry.

This time we present 5 Red Velvet outfits that you can recreate from the comfort of your home with super cool and fashionable clothes. In the comments area tell us, what was your favorite look?

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The Red Velvet singer is a girl who plays a lot with her looks, has a feminine and rebellious style. You can achieve this outfit with clothes that you have in your wardrobe, be sure to add the necessary accessories to look great.


Joy is a true fashion girl, if one day you are out of ideas you can go to her Instagram and see the combinations that the singer always shows. This outfit is cool and elegant. Black and white is a perfect match.

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Yeri showed her most fashionista side with this look, the singer and dancer from SM Entertainment is an idol full of interesting proposals. You can use Yeri’s look if you want a fun and different look.


Irene is a girl with a more casual, active and sporty style. If you want to try something super comfortable and for one day in the week, this outfit from the leader of Red Velvet is for you.


Red Velvet’s Seulgi is a girl with a relaxed, classic fashion sense and with a special touch, try to combine clothes similar to those of the idol to achieve a winning outfit, add the necessary accessories to shine.


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