5 Outfits from Stray Kids that showcase Felix’s styles


Felix is ​​not only iconic for his voice, his visuals and his talent, the Stray Kids idol could give you good ideas to dress up and create new looks with your favorite clothes.

The boys of Stray Kids have achieved wide success throughout their careers, Korean pop singers and rappers positioned themselves as one of the male bands with the greatest presence on music charts and on social media.

Stray Kids’ Felix has an incredible personality, who can reach the hearts of all his fans thanks to his qualities on stage and off, showing his skills.

The boy originally from the city of Sydney in Australia, has given his fans incredible outfits that highlight his features and anatomy in multiple interviews, activities, concerts and other dynamics with his bandmates.

This time we bring you 5 looks inspired by the unique style of Lee Felix from Stray Kids, take the inspiration necessary to recreate the outfits of the JYP Entertainment rapper. Yay!


Bad boy

In this loo, Felix combined clothes that are basic and in a color that is easy to wear, the Stray Kids idol looks confident, with a bad boy style. To give your look a twist, you can change the black jeans for denim pants.


Felix is ​​a master at matching his clothes, as in this photo, the jacket is knitted with a faux leather jeans, the Stray Kids rapper made a memorable ensemble. How about?

Pink boy

Pink is suitable if you want to express your cheerful and bright personality, it is one of the colors that most highlights Felix’s qualities, the Stray Kids member looks youthful and fun with this set.

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The cold season is approaching and this outfit from Felix is ​​ideal for unstable weather, just adapt it to your tastes, if you are not a fan of shots, opt for jeans and they will look just as good.


A garment that never goes out of style is a jacket and Felix from Stray Kids created a different outfit combining stripes with squares, give a new life to the white jeans you have and add a chain.


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