5 Other Heroes Who May Make their MCU Debut in “Deadpool 3”


The hype around “Deadpool 3” has been steadily growing since the project was first announced, and fans are excited to see how a mercenary with a mouth will live in the MCU. The creators assured the audience that the film will retain the same adult rating as the first two films, guaranteeing another action-packed film with coarse humor and a lot of fun.

The details of the plot of the film are still being kept secret, but it is likely that several new characters will appear with Deadpool, since now that Wade Wilson will go to a completely new universe. There are many other characters who could bring the movie to life if they officially made their MCU debut in Deadpool 3.

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While this may be mostly wishful thinking, fans would definitely like to see Wolverine in the spotlight with Deadpool in his next movie. After years of comedic references and an obvious obsession with a stubborn hero, bringing these two together in “Deadpool 3” could become one epic team.

If Marvel had found a way to bring it to them, fans would certainly have celebrated it, although it could easily have complicated the timelines of previous films. Despite this, many Deadpool fans are still waiting for the day when this new and improved Deadpool will get some face-to-face time with Wolverine.


According to Thanos and Cable actor Josh Brolin, Death was originally supposed to be part of the MCU during the Infinity Saga. Throughout the Marvel comics, Death had an intimate relationship with both Thanos and Deadpool, which often led to the two of them fighting each other.

Initially, Death’s relationship with Thanos was supposed to be mentioned during the Avengers saga, but nothing came of it. The Russo brothers decided that this particular storyline did not fit the current agenda of the MCU and the version of Thanos created for the films, so this idea was abandoned.

Obviously, the character of Death is interested in Marvel Studios, but not everyone can get into the final version. Instead of bringing her into the MCU with ties to Thanos, using her connection to Wade in Deadpool 3 would be the perfect introduction for this powerful, chaotic character.


In fact, Sirin was a very minor character in the X-Men films, mostly kept in the background without any main screen time or character development. Her character was one of many kids who went to Professor X’s school for mutant kids, but her comic book counterpart actually has a long history with Deadpool.

Sirin was one of Deadpool’s most trusted allies in Marvel comics, and by the time their paths crossed, she was already an adult. The daughter of a Banshee, Sirin’s greatest strength is her supersonic scream, which she uses to disarm her enemies. She and Wade have repeatedly worked together to fight crime, which has led to a close friendship that will create an interesting dynamic in “Deadpool 3.” will make her a great addition to the current MCU heroes lineup.

Voodoo Brother

When rumors of “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” spread, some fans began to assume that the Voodoo Brother would appear in the sequel to the film. Although he never joined the heroes of Doctor Strange 2, in the comics he has a connection with both Strange and Deadpool.

The three characters worked together for a short time after Strange hired Deadpool to help them repair the multifaceted damage done to the universe. The MCU is now focusing on the multiverse and mystical art, so given that Deadpool comes to the MCU from another universe, Brother Voodoo may be the perfect character to help him in this unusual transition.


Copycat is a pseudonym that Vanessa Carlisle used in the comics, although those who have seen “Deadpool 2” know that Vanessa in a live action movie was the victim of an unsuccessful storyline in a decent movie. Whether there are plans to bring her back is still a mystery, although it would be nice to see her return as a superhero sometime in the future.

The wannabe was one of Deadpool’s most notable allies in the comics because of their romantic relationship, and her ability to transform into anyone she chooses makes her a very formidable mutant. It’s possible that actress Morena Baccarin will return in future films if Wade finds a way to cheat death. Loki’s show on Disney Plus also showed viewers that the options don’t necessarily have to look the same, which means that the MCU can present another actress for this role. In any case, if Deadpool stumbles upon a fake version of Vanessa he knew in his own world, it will be a real shock for both his character and the audience.


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