5 News Altcoin Traders Should Watch Out For This Week


The cryptocurrency world has left behind a week full of records and rises, carrying the total value of the industry to over $ 680 billion. Investors expect the new week to pass with an upward trend on both the Bitcoin and altcoin front. While the bitcoin price rose above $ 24,000, once again refreshing the record, altcoin rallies also accelerated. Last week, most altcoins completed the week with 30% -50% rise rates, while the new week may interest altcoin investors; What are the most important developments from airdrops to mainnets?

With the rise of Bitcoin and its new record, the crypto money market was literally burned. Previously, experts commented as “Altcoins are waiting for the Bitcoin rally to begin”, while the altcoin market took off with the BTC price climbing to an all-time high. Most altcoins that entered the top 100 by market capitalization closed the week for plus. Altcoins such as Litecoin (LTC) and Elrond (EGLD) were among the highest earners of the week. So, what awaits the altcoin investor this week?

December 21 – Royale Finance (ROYA)

  • What it is: Royale is a DeFi solution for the iGaming industry.
  • What will happen: Royale Finance (ROYA) is holding an IDO on December 21 at the decentralized exchange, Polkastrater.
  • Why it’s important: ROYA puts its users at the center and creates Web3.0 powered liquidity with the security and transparency of blockchain for entrepreneurs in the iGaming world.
  • What will change: The project will raise funds from Polkastarter users to further its venture with IDO.

December 21 – Coin (COIN)

  • What it is: Coin (COIN) is a decentralized cross-chain peer-to-peer (P2P) wallet and exchange.
  • What will happen: Decentralized exchange (DEX) Coin mainnet is taking place on December 21.
  • Why it matters: It offers a service to coin users powered by atomic swap and artificial intelligence technology.
  • What will change: With Coin realizing the mainnet, the decentralized exchange will begin its network life after the testnet phase.

December 21 – Frontier (FRONT)

  • What it is: Frontier is a project that aims to gather features such as tracking and managing positions, staking assets and many more features for DeFi users on a single platform.
  • What will happen: On December 21st, FRONT tokens are scheduled to be used to issue a new synthetic asset called USDF1.
  • Why it’s important: Users will be able to trade and trade with this digital asset at the time to be announced after the launch of USDF1 tokens.
  • What will change: Participants will earn both FRONT and USDF1 tokens at the end of the trade.

December 23 – OnX Finance (ONX)

  • What it is: OnX Finance promotes itself as a DeFi platform for secured tokens.
  • What will happen: On December 23, an airdrop will be held with ANKR coin holders as part of the ONX token distribution.
  • Why it matters: Investors with at least 100 ANKR tokens will earn ONX at the rate of 10 thousand ANKR to 1 ONX coin on certain exchanges.
  • What will change: According to OnX Finance’s statements, users of major exchanges such as Uphit, Coinone and Bithumb will be able to benefit from the ONX airdrop event.

December 25 – DeFiPie (PIE)

  • What it is: DeFiPie (PIE) is a project that aims to combine lending, liquidity pool and staking services in one place.
  • What will happen: On December 25, mainnet takes place for DeFiPie.
  • Why it matters: DeFiPie aims to provide users with the best DeFi experience by offering its own unique features while combining some of the best in the market.
  • What will change: DeFiPie is starting its network life after making improvements to the testnet phase.


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