5 News Altcoin Traders Should Watch Out For This Week


The past week has been very active for altcoins. Many altcoins, especially DeFi projects, closed the week in the positive zone. So what are the 5 most important developments awaiting altcoin investors in the cryptocurrency world in the new week?

While the cryptocurrency industry keeps its value above $ 1 trillion, according to many investors, the “altcoin season” is taking place. Although the top 10 cryptocurrencies by Bitcoin and market capitalization did not show a significant jump, the attack of DeFi tokens made the investor smile. We have compiled 5 news that should be considered for altcoin investors this week in our article.

PolkaCover (CVR) – February 1

  • What it is: Polkacover is an insurance and policy market project that aims to be a one-stop shop for both cryptocurrency industry and personal insurance needs.
  • What will happen: On February 1, the staking program begins in collaboration with Ferrum Network.
  • Why it’s important: With this staking program, CVR holders will be able to earn passive earnings depending on the time they lock their tokens.

Maps.me (MAPS) – February 1

  • What it is: MAPS is the crypto currency of the map application called Maps.me, which is known worldwide and can serve offline.
  • What will happen: General listing takes place on BitMax for MAPS on February 1st.
  • Why it’s important: MAPS will be listed on the stock exchange after the first exchange on BitMax last week, and available to everyone.

Blouzelle (BLZ) – February 3

  • What it is: Blouzelle is a decentralized data layer that aims to manage decentralized applications (dApp) in an uncensored and scalable way.
  • What will happen: Mainnet takes place on February 3rd for Bluzelle.
  • Why it matters: With its main network launch, Blouzelle plans to offer its users a fast, uncensored and scalable service.

Sifchain (ROWAN) – February 3

  • What it is: Sifchain defines itself as the world’s first omni-chain decentralized exchange.
  • What will happen: On February 3rd, the general sale for eRowan, the wrapped version of Sifchain’s native token ROWAN, begins.
  • Why it’s important: All purchased eRowans can be converted 1: 1 in the Sifchain network and all unsold eRowans will be returned to the ecosystem pool.

Butterfly Protocol (BFLY) – February 4th

  • What it is: Butterfly Protocol is a decentralized platform created as DAO that aims to provide convenience in matters such as domain acquisition and use.
  • What will happen: IDO takes place on February 4th for Butterfly Protocol.
  • Why it matters: The BFLY token sale will begin at the Polkastarter exchange at a price of $ 0.34. BFLY will be listed on Uniswap right after.


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