5 News Altcoin Traders Should Watch Out For This Week


5 news items that may interest altcoin investors between 16-22 November were compiled with CryptoDiffer and ICO Analytics data. Here are the most important altcoin developments this week …

November 17 – The liquidity incentive for RADIX (eXRD) is initiated and tokens are distributed. Radix defines itself as a decentralized finance service platform created to solve Ethereum’s congested and high transaction fees. On its official site, Radix promises ease of use for the DeFi domain, pointing out that the DeFi industry is in danger and the ETH network has become a site only open to whales.

November 18 – Nsure Network (NSURE) begins staking activities as an insurance program. Accordingly, those who carry out insurance activities until the network launches; They will be able to stake NSURE tokens in return for a share of future earnings from their premiums paid with ETH or another fixedcoin. Nsure is an insurance platform in the field of Open Finance. The project aims to establish a digital marketplace to trade insurance risks.

November 18 – The halving event for Zcash (ZEC) begins. When 840 thousand blocks are reached in the Zcash blockchain, a halving occurs. This corresponds to every 4 years as programmed into the Zcash code. With the halving to be realized, the block reward will be reduced to 3.125 ZEC. The first block reward for Zcash was 12.5 ZEC. Zcash currently ranks 33rd among the most valuable cryptocurrencies and has a market cap of approximately $ 660 million.

November 20 – COVER Protocol (SAFE2) COVER Protocol begins network life, SAFE2 token holders are scheduled to transition to COVER. As a self-peer-to-peer insurance market, COVER Protocol is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum network. COVER Protocol aims to provide insurance for everything except cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

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16-28 November – Linear Finance starts its network life. Although the exact date of the platform has not been determined, it has announced that it will start operations in the next two weeks. The cross-chain project that promises interoperability is the Linear Finance delta-one asset protocol. Linear Finance promises unlimited liquidity and affordable costs to its users.


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