5 new dramas that you should give a try


These K-Dramas premiered during the first days of October and deserve a place on your list of dramas to watch.

The world of Korean dramas does not stop catching us are new productions. October will be full of premieres, but just a few days before the beginning of this month, we already have new stories to enjoy Korean entertainment. We tell you all about these dramas and the actors that are part of them.

The list of series to see from a K-Dramas fan is endless, as soon as we start to see one of them, we realize that there are many other productions that we are also interested in knowing, but getting up to date will be possible with the enough dedication.

Each one decides in what order they will see the dramas they have pending, either by the theme or the Korean actors who appear in them, but what is a fact is that almost no one wants to be a victim of spoilers on social networks.

That is why dramas that have just premiered have a special place on any list and you will want to start watching them while they are still on, so as not to be surprised while browsing the internet.

If you are looking for a K-Drama to watch, there are many new alternatives that you will surely love.


Tale of the Nine Tailed

This fantasy K-drama promises to be a hit, as it also has popular Korean actors in its cast. Tale of the Nine Tailed introduces us to the link between the land of the living and the underworld as it tells the story of Lee Yeon, a gumiho who has gone from being a respected figure to an official who moves from one world to another .

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Private lives

This drama will tell us the story of Cha Joo Eun while chapter by chapter shows us how acting and scam come together in the same way. The characters will be involved in a series of strategically elaborated plans to obtain the best benefits.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

After losing everything, Goo Ra Ra moves away from the city to start a new life using his talents as a pianist, so he joins a music academy and meets Sun Woo Joon, what kind of connection will start between them ?

My Dangerous Wife

This is a suspenseful mystery drama. Jae Kyung and Yoon Chul have a marriage that is not great and they have started to get bored of their relationship, however they stay together until Shin Jae Kyung is kidnapped. What mystery is hidden behind her disappearance?


It is a science fiction drama that premieres its latest episode today under the name Empty Body. SF8 collects different stories where the characters have something in common, as each of them will show us the way some people try to use technological advances to create a better society.

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