5 Most Memorable Teen Slasher Quotes


Slashers for teenagers are always fun, thanks to the emotions the main characters face and the anxiety they experience. Combine these feelings with a serial killer hiding in a small town, and it’s no wonder this subgenre is so popular. Just like adult-oriented slashers, there are some clever quotes in these films that range from funny to explaining the experiences the main character is going through.

From the fourth installment of the popular franchise to a movie that focuses on what it means to be the last girl, these slashers feature school characters and a few memorable quotes.

Changes in Helen and Julie’s friendship in the movie “What did You Do Last Summer” (1997)
Helen: “What happened to us? We used to be best friends.” Julie: “We used to be different.”

Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Helen Shivers (Sarah Michelle Geller) have a strong friendship from horror movies in “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” especially since it changes over the course of history. Although there are some memorable quotes about the villain Ben Willis (Muse Watson) in the 1997 film, Helen and Julie’s sad conversation is important.

When Helen admits that she doesn’t understand why she and Julie haven’t spoken for a year after accidentally hitting someone, Julie shrugs, showing that she had a hard time. Julie takes care of Helen, but she is haunted by what happened, and she cannot return to normal life.

Jenny loves horror movies in the movie “Scream 4” (2011)
“The first three, the original trilogy is based on Sydney Prescott, but then she threatened to sue them if they used her stories. So they just started making things up. There is time travel in Stab 5, which is much worse.”

Every Scream movie has memorable quotes, and the fourth movie in the 2011 franchise has a brilliant opening scene. Jenny Randall (Aimee Teagarden) and Marnie Cooper (Britt Robertson) They watch Stab 7, and although Jenny is a big fan of the horror genre, Marnie is afraid, especially since the franchise is inspired by the life story of the last girl Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell). .

Jenny’s words are clever and prove that the Scream franchise makes fun of slasher franchises, especially those that fail after a few movies and start to include weird storylines and settings that don’t make any sense. Because Jenny has seen so many horror movies, she knows all about the frustrations of fans.

Max’s mom warns her not to star in the horror movie “The Last Girls” (2015)
Amanda: “Honestly, if you ever become an actor, never do slasher movies.” Max: “You won’t catch me dead in a movie.”

There are several underrated girls from the horror movie finale, including Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga), who misses her mom Amanda (Malin Akerman), who once starred in a slasher called “Bloody Camp”. Max and her buddies get into the movie after going to a movie theater screening, which has equally creepy and hilarious results.

Amanda and Max’s conversation is as funny as the rest of the movie, and also has a clever omen, since, of course, Max is not starring in a horror movie, but literally enters the setting of the movie that brought her mom fame. The dialogue in The Final Girls is just as enjoyable as the camp setting, which evokes happy memories of childhood spent outdoors, but ultimately much more sinister.

Luke’s mom warns him: “Better watch out” (2016)
“Now don’t stay up late and watch scary movies, okay? It will give you nightmares again.”

Better Watch Out is an anticipated holiday horror movie that can also be considered a teen slasher, as the story centers on the main character Ashley (Olivia DeJong), who babysits Luke Lerner (Levi Miller) and has a terrible time. Luke Deandra’s Mom (Virginia Madsen) tells him not to watch horror movies, as he thinks they upset him, and this quote becomes significant when the audience recognizes the big twist in the film.

The Better Watch Out masterclass is shocking and awe-inspiring, and fans know that Luke doesn’t really seem to be afraid of anything. It’s amazing that his mother has no idea who her child really is and what he is capable of.

McKayla talks about her fashionable outfit in Tragedy Girls (2017)
“We will definitely have to start wearing masks if we continue to dress so well. People will know it’s us.”

While more teen horror films were released in the 90s and 2000s, Tragedy Girls came out in 2017 and told the fascinating story of best friends MacKayla Hopper (Alexandra Shipp) and Sadie Cunningham (Brianna Hildebrand), who decide to kill people and become famous on social networks. It stands out among the many teen horror comedies and classic slashers in which the main characters are high school students.

McKayla’s quote is funny and shows how young the two main characters are.


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