5 Most Famous K-pop Choreographers


Meet the best K-pop choreographers and their collaborations with idols. Korean pop distinguishes itself from other genres by displaying concepts and incredible choreography, Korean artists combine singing with dance, as well as having a different way of releasing their albums with marketing that encompasses teasers, different album versions, collectibles. such as photocards, photo books, among others.

K-pop has gained great popularity for a long time, in the last couple of years it has been strengthened even more and has added a large number of international fans, who enjoy chanting the so-called fanchants and sighing with the choreography of idols, some They have been able to fulfill their dreams of traveling to South Korea or show their support for their favorites through the so-called dance cover.

Behind a great choreography there is a great mastermind who has worked with groups like BTS, Super Junior, BLACKPINK, among others, as well as famous stars like Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber. Their talents have led them to meet the Korean artists who are leading the Korean industry.

We leave you a list with 5 most famous K-pop Choreographers, each one has their own style and personal touch for the dance, they instruct the idols and help them have a successful comeback, sometimes the members modify some steps according to the concept of their MV or to match the dance according to the style of the group.


Lia kim
She is one of the most famous dancers, has her own 1MILLION Dance Studio and has participated with various K-pop groups. Her studies were carried out by Dong-Seoul University and Yon-Sei Hi-Hop School. She has worked with idols such as GOT7, TWICE, BoA, EXID, Girls’ Generation, among others.

Among her works are:

EVERGLOW with Bon Bon Chocolat

Sunmi and her famous Gashina

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TWICE and their iconic TT

EXID with L.I.E

TWIC, together with Mina created Like OHH-AHH

Wonder Girls – I Feel You

BoA – Fox (2015)

Tony Testa
Another great choreographer. He has worked with iconic groups from the SM agency. His work is world famous, as he was commissioned to work with artists such as Michael Jackson and Britney Spears.

He has a great relationship with this company, because among his jobs are:


Super Junior and songs like Devil and Mamacita, returned for their comeback with “Super Clap”.

TVXQ on Catch Me


SHINee on Sherlock


Tobias Ellehammer
He is a young boy with a great talent for dancing in different genres, he has worked with artists such as Liam Payne, Olly Murs, Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, among others.

His work in K-pop has been with:

Super Junior on Black Suir and with the Super Junior D&E subunit with the single “Danger”.

BTS, for Jungkook’s solo on Euphoria

Kang daniel

Parris goebel
His beginnings in dance were with hip hop, which is why he has collaborated with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jennifer López and Nicki Minaj. She is a very talented girl with a long relationship with YG, as she has participated in K-pop dances such as:




Taeyang in Ringa Linga



Crazy 4Minute

Keone Madrid and Mariel Martín
Not only does the married couple have great love for each other, but they have combined their talents in a big way. They are part of the Urban Dance Camp company and their talent has led them to collaborate with singers like Justin Bieber.

Her work in K-pop lists:

BTS, Fire and Not Today

GOT7 on Just Right

BIGBANG’s Taeyang


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