5 moments where Harry Styles jokes about rumors his life


The British singer has great wit, Harry Styles’ jokes always take the audience by surprise. Being a world famous star can be hard work that involves being constantly involved in rumors, Harry Styles took it in a good way and joked about some situations in his life as a celebrity.

Among the figures of the entertainment industry, the Adore You interpreter has stood out for many qualities: his talent, his sense of fashion, his charisma and of course, his authentic personality . This characteristic is demonstrated at all times, but undoubtedly his comments are usually accurate, well calculated and sometimes they manage to make many people laugh.

Harry performs with great skill in the events and programs where he must speak, sometimes the shows by themselves involve a humorous touch, but with the collaboration of this boy everything becomes even more entertaining.

The singer does not usually talk about his private life very often, but that does not save him from being involved in suspicions and rumors about what is happening around him.

For Harry Styles , the best way to save himself from the difficulties that an artistic life implies is to take it with humor, that’s why he had fun making some jokes while exposing some aspects of his life that are often discussed by the public.



When the singer was on Saturday Night Live he joked comparing his participation in the show with his romantic relationships, saying that after having an incredible moment they will stop seeing each other forever, ending the relationship. Harry’s comment made reference to the way in which their relationships are frequently presented through the media, as the singer causes a furor when it is rumored that he has a girlfriend but little by little everything fades and no mention of the link reappears which was suspected.

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Harry has always shown his position on gender roles and how breaking those barriers is beneficial, that’s why in the same show he talked about how boys also wear makeup, showing that even if it is something that is not talked about it happens and does not there is no problem with it.


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In a sketch done by the singer, his character mentioned that it would be insane if a member of a famous band would leave that project to go solo, which was fun because the members of One Direction are now individual artists.


When Harry Styles had a participation in the video series Tiny Desk Concert, the singer had a brief conversation where he showed his confusion about what day it was. The singer said that because he did not have a real job (a day job) it was very common for him to lose his sense of time.


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We can’t forget the moment when Harry mentioned Simon Cowell and gave him a very particular thank you. The singer said that the one-time judge of The X Factor had grown them (and the One Direction members ) in test tubes, which many fans took as a reference to the limits he placed on creativity. the boys and the way they wanted to function as a group.


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