5 microphone options for computer and notebook


The desktop microphone has become a popular accessory in recent months, after the pandemic of the new coronavirus began, making people stay at home. With that, we started making video calls like never before.

Whether for use in virtual meetings at Zoom, called by WhatsApp or playing online, the external microphone generates high quality audio, better than that offered by the built-in models.

A computer microphone is also great for recording videos for YouTube and podcast episodes, and can also be plugged into notebooks, digital cameras and cell phones.

How to choose the best microphone

There are several microphone options for PC. But before choosing the first one you find or the cheapest, you need to pay attention to some aspects, avoiding buying equipment incompatible with your needs.

One of the main points is the type of funding. In directional models, sound is captured in only one direction, avoiding noise. In the bidirectional versions, the capture occurs in front and behind the microphone, while the omnidirectional model captures the audio in all directions, equally. It is also worth checking the microphone impedance: the higher it is, the lower the sensitivity of the equipment.

Regarding the main models, we have the wireless microphone (facilitates movement), lapel (ideal for outdoor environments) and the condenser (high sensitivity, it is better for recording in the studio), in addition to the versions with USB and P2 input.

Now that you know what to take into account when buying the product, how about checking out some suggestions? We have separated five options of microphones of great quality, to use in different situations. See below!


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