5 Metaverse Altcoins That Can Be Valued in 2022!


Metaverse-focused projects are getting a lot of attention these days. We have witnessed that especially the projects presented in the form of games make serious pricing in a short time. Let’s take a look at the top 5 metaverse crypto games with huge potential in 2022. The projects shared by the analysts of the Altcoin Buzz channel may involve serious risks, so you should shape your investments as a result of your own research.

Fight of the Ages (FOTA)

The first game is Fight of the Ages. This means you can do a lot of things in this game like buying and selling hero skins, equipment, NFTs for your avatar in the metaverse with a decentralized ID wallet. This MOBA RPG game has undergone two audits, one from Certic and one from Hacken. As a result of these inspections, it was confirmed that the project was technically reliable.

The total supply will be 700 million and their circulating supply will change due to mining.

Pax World (PAXW)

The second game you should check out is Pax World (PAXW). They focus on communication between people at the base of the metaverse. It is for social educational purposes, even for entertainment purposes. They have a product that includes video, audio, 3d and face scanning support. They received a seed investment of five million dollars.

They have a market to combine NFTs and 3d NFTs. One billion PAXWs will be distributed between partners and the ecosystem. Pax World IDO for BEP20 tokens will be featured on Trustpad, but no date has been set. There will be 7.5 million PAXWs available for purchase at IDO.

Cyber ​​Trade (CCASH)

The next game on the list is Cyber ​​Trade. This is a win-by-play metaverse game built on the Binance Smart Chain.

CCASH is the cryptocurrency that offers really useful features to its players; these include staking citizen ranking management rights, reward system deflation functions, and other token utilities. It will redistribute 25% of the revenue to the player prize pool and 12.5% ​​will be burned, this will help CCASH’s long-term price increase.

Ancient Kingdom (DOM)

The next game is special because Ancient Kingdom is an old martial arts game and the team is based in Vietnam. The Ancient Kingdom airdrop campaign on Coinmarketcap will run from January 4 to January 25. This is a p2e to win game with six character types to choose from.

60% of tokens are public. The total supply will be 2 billion tokens, this BSC-based project also has vesting programs for early investors. They raised $3.75 million before IDO.

Metastrike (MST & MTT)

You can earn money by playing this game for free. This is the latest project shared by Altcoin Buzz analysts. This is a VR based FPS game and the metaverse aspects of this game include being able to buy land, create and customize your own maps.


Metastrike has completed a successful $250,000 IDO on Seedify with MTS token. MTS with its IDO is the DAO management token. Players can stake it, use it in tournaments and more advanced games, buy NFTs with it and acquire metaverse terrain. Metastrike also holds the second token, MTT. This token is only used for in-game activities such as purchasing weapons or unlocking new maps. While MTS has a total supply of 565 million, MTT has an unlimited supply.