5 Life Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls


The Mean Girls movie gave us moments of fun and some useful lessons on a daily basis. Teen movies manage to captivate audiences with a touch of romance, a bit of comedy, and scenes from everyday life like school. Mean Girls posed a story of adaptation in a hostile environment where popularity was the key to success, but it also gave us some lessons beyond entertainment.

The Mean Girls film has iconic scenes and very funny characters, even without having seen this film you may remember some of the representative phrases of the film starring Lindsay Lohan.

But not everything in this movie is vibrantly colored garments and a competition for school rule, the Mean Girls characters shared some tips and advice that will serve you more than you imagine.


Union make force

The plastic arts had many elements in their favor to succeed in the school environment, but something that is certain is that their union allowed them to stay on top, once they began to fight, none could maintain their prestige and began to fail.

Treason attracts treason

Loyalty was another key to survival in this movie and it goes hand in hand with the previous point. When you betray someone’s trust, you will realize that little by little the people around you stop trusting you because they could be the victims of a deception, so it is better to be clear and be honest with your words and actions.


It is not good to tie your hair for several days in a row. Gretchen explains to Cady that she can only do her hair in a ponytail once a week, but beyond the norms for fitting into the group, this is good advice that will save your mane from damage.


True friendship goes beyond popularity. A relationship of this type must be sincere and be based on something more important than the way others perceive you. The connection of a real friendship is incomparable.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Creating special events with your friends will always be fun, no matter if it is something nonsensical to others, as long as it is special for you.

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