5 Life Lessons from Episodes 15-16 “If You Wish Me” that Touched Us


So the song “If You Wish Upon Me” has come to an end! Saying goodbye to the hospice and all its colorful characters will not be easy, but the final episodes are a send-off so painfully pleasant that we could not leave everyone on a more perfect note. Without further ado, here are the life lessons that we liked the most!

Attention: Spoilers for episodes 15-16 below.

1. You reap what you sow

Yoon Ki Jung (Nam Kyung Joo), Kang Tae Shik (Song Dong Il) and Yoon Kyo Rae (Ji Chang Wook) discover this in the best and worst of ways. Last week’s episodes ended with an exciting moment when everyone in the hospital and Ge Re is at risk of being beaten to death. But this situation stops when Yoon Ki-chun growls at the gang leader that this is his son and that he should not raise a hand against him. And Kyo Ryo puts on a show in front of Tae Shik and Seo Yeon Joo (Suyoung), acting like he’s done with hospice care and is going to leave with his rich criminal father instead. Neither of them is buying it and knows that Ge Rae is going to do something risky, but he’s not listening.

Of course, they are right, because Kyo Rae leads his father and now former gang boss (it looks like Ki Chun is the real leader, and the other guy was just acting president) straight to the exhausted Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon), who was preparing to act out his murder-suicide for the last four episodes. He notices Geo Re and cries before hitting the gas pedal. Kyo Ryo hugs his father, trying to make sure that Seok Joon will hit and kill them both, but at the last minute a familiar ambulance intervenes and takes the hit. A terrified Ge Rae finds Tae Shik at the wheel, not wanting to see how Ge Rae voluntarily allowed himself to die.

In the ensuing uproar, while Ki Chun celebrates his near escape, the former gang leader regains his position by stabbing him. Everyone ignores Ki Chun, who is bleeding out, instead panicking over Tae Shik, and karma returns to normal. All the good that Ge Rae has done comes back to him when the people who love him fight for him. And all the evil spread by Ki Chun not only leads to his death, but also leaves him alone at the worst moments of his life (twice already). What you sow, you will reap.

2. It’s never too late to heal

The accident, which Tae Shik intervenes in, damaged both the ambulance and Seok Jun (who was in a smaller car). Ha Joon Kyung (Won Ji Ahn) arrives at the scene distraught, sobbing that she never asked Seok Joon to die. All three, Ki Chun, Tae Shik and Seok Joon, are taken to the hospital, but only two survive. Ki Chun dies from his injuries, and Ge Rae is left to deal with the fragments left by him.

It’s almost funny how the entire Jinn Team attends his funeral only to look at Ki Chun with disgust and say that they are only here for Kyo Rae. But Ge Rae isn’t the only one trying to heal. Jun Kyung arrives at the funeral and seems to have finally reconciled with herself and life. She thanks Ge Rae for saving her by staying by her side and says she can now survive on her own. He looks so relieved and happy for her. When she asks what he would prefer their level of communication, he smiles and asks her to be his little sister. And finally, everything is fine between these two. She orders him not to let Yong Joo go, and for the first time in many years they can joke without the weight of the whole world on their shoulders.

Joon Kyung returns to video blogging, but as a boxer who pays special attention to how to beat up terrible men. It’s great that she’s taken Yong Joo’s lesson to heart and is going to use her pain to help and hopefully protect others.

3. Never underestimate the will to live

At first it seems that the gang boss who killed Ki Chun is going to get away with murder, as well as for forcing young women to become webcams. But the women who were saved by Seok Joon have other plans. Joon Kyung is talking to one of them who secretly recorded a video of her being mistreated by the gang boss. Jun Kyung wonders how a woman had the courage to even try to do something like that, knowing the consequences. She quietly collapses when a woman tells her it’s because she wanted to live. Perhaps Jung Kyung could get out of there faster if she wanted to live and really fought for it (after all, she is a force to be reckoned with). Or maybe not, because life is a funny thing. But there is no doubt that the will to live matters.

4. Sometimes healing requires responsibility

Seok Joon is arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder. Joon Kyung vows to be by his side when he comes out. At first he tries to push her away, but she doesn’t have it, and she promises to make a lot of money so she can afford a lawyer for him. The fact that the gang boss was arrested thanks to other women’s evidence of his abuse should undoubtedly help exonerate him. Seok Joon is a great example of a man who took responsibility for his decisions and never made excuses for who he was.

On the other hand, Ki Chun remained in the dark until the end and tried to justify himself until the moment of his death. He really considers himself a victim, someone to be pitied, whining about how Ge Rae abandoned him and how lonely he was when he didn’t even go looking for his son. Ge Rae also didn’t like the world and the way he treated it, but he didn’t take it out on other people. Ki Chun not only did this, but also took great pleasure in hurting others because he could. For someone who made his way to the first place in the criminal food chain, he did not bring any benefit. And so nothing could help him. There was nothing in his head that was his fault, and he was just reacting to the world around him. He doesn’t understand that we shape the world around us as much as he shapes us. And now he never will.

5. Sometimes endings lead to new beginnings

We knew this was going to happen for a while. Tae Shik was getting worse, and that ambulance accident didn’t do him any good. Soon he is completely confined to a wheelchair. Ge Rae and Yeon Joo barely leave him to the point that he has to force them to go on a date. And in the same way, Tae Shik becomes the next patient of Team Genie. He moves into Room 403, the space in which he still lives Ki Chun, and tells the team — with the exception of Ge Rae — his last wish.

Ge Ryo is furious to learn that Tae Sik wants to arrange an early funeral. He completely denies that Tae Shik is dying. However, he bathes him in preparation. Everyone comes to the funeral, in fact it’s more of a celebration of life, including old friend Kyo Rae Jin Goo (Park Se Joon), Chi Hoon and Jung Kyung. Yom Soo Ja (Yang Hee Kyung) prepares food for everyone, and they head to the sea. This is the same place where Ge Ryo once tried to commit suicide with Sonny, but was stopped by Tae Shik, and he remembers how broken and lost he was then.

Yeon Joo makes Ge Rae promise to smile, and he prepares for a flurry of goodbyes, only it turns out that this is not Tae Shik’s early funeral, but Ge Rae’s birthday party! Tae Shik’s real last wish was for Kyo Rae to be able to celebrate his new life, and here it is! Tae Shik gives Geo Rae his watch, saying that his time stops here, and the rest now belongs to Ge Rae. He calls Ge Rae his son. Both are laughing. And so the stopped Ge Re time runs again.

A year later, Tae Shik left, and Kyo Rae took over his life completely. Tae Shik’s fortune was used to create his own hospice village for dementia patients called “Village of Angels”. Naturally, Ge Rae is heading the operation. He and Yeon Joo are getting ready to find a new volunteer, and their jaws drop when she pulls up because it’s Ge Rae again.

Yeon Joo pats Ge Rae on the shoulder and he sighs, knowing that his work is made for him.

It was a pretty good ending to a drama that never deviated from its basic idea of healing and rising above what the world throws at you. At the end there were other reflections that were quite surprising, for example, the fact that things (for example, a long-published magazine is coming to an end) also have a lifespan and deserve to be desired. But overall it was a pleasant, healing show that was worth it to be back home by midweek, and all the better to know that we are leaving Team Genie in a happy place!


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