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This is Wordle’s first birthday, and fans should celebrate it by trying Wordle on June 18, 2022. At its core, each Wordle puzzle is like chocolate from the richest cocoa: they are rare, and they need to be enjoyed. After all, Wordle only offers one five-letter puzzle each day, and players only have six attempts before the game gives them the correct answer. And for this anniversary Wordle, players may need more than six attempts if they end up stuck.

Fortunately, just because Wordle 364 seems confusing doesn’t mean players need to give up right away. After all, only the right tips and tricks can help players figure out how to solve this puzzle.

What does it mean

Players who are confused about what the Wordle of June 18, 2022 means may just need additional hints to figure it out. And instead of giving away the word, perhaps the players will like to return to the existing word, checking its definition. Thus, players can exclude possible words that may not correspond to the volume of the requested word.

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This word refers to the tree or seeds of a small tropical evergreen tree from which chocolate is made. Based on this meaning, the word can sometimes become an adjective describing parts of the specified plant.

Technical hints

The fact that it may be difficult for players to solve Wordle 364, despite knowing its meaning, does not mean that they should immediately give up. In fact, players who know some more clues, such as technical components, will be able to crack the code of this puzzle. Here are some linguistic hints to consider:

The word has two syllables. The word is a noun.

Suggestions for beginner words

Some players may still find it difficult to solve Wordle 364, despite having learned about the meaning of the word and some of the technical components. In this regard, players may need another clue in the form of some initial words that they could use to solve some of the letters involved in the puzzle. Here are a few words that players should try to use first:


5-letter words ending in AO

Players who are unlucky can immediately think about finding a solution to this Wordle puzzle. However, fans may be glad to know that there is actually one last thing they can try before giving up on solving this part “diplomatically”, and that is to find the words closest to solving the puzzle. The word in particular ends in -AO, and here are the most important words related to the puzzle, including the Wordle solution:


Wordle is available to play in any browser.