5 Korean Movies Releasing In September


Get to know these 5 South Korean films that will make you live many intense emotions, best of all, they will be released in September. Yay!

The month of September is about to begin and with it come new film productions from South Korea that promise to excite you. If you are not sure what premieres are on the billboard, here we tell you the 5 most anticipated films on the big screen that will be trained soon.

It is not a surprise that thousands of fans follow Korean films, as they are very entertaining content, with a proposal, unique stories and that have a wide production, in addition, there are endearing characters that always remain in the hearts of the viewers.

Due to the pandemic that is hitting the world, some film releases were postponed, but some restrictions in South Korea were reformed and now many productions took advantage of the moment to premiere their films.

This time we bring you the 5 Korean movies that will be released in the month of September; If you are a fan of action stories, drama and the historical genre, here you will find an entertaining option to spend an afternoon of movies or prepare your kill of films.

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The Night on the Undead

This is a movie that combines several genres like comedy, horror, and suspense. The plot is about Soo Hee’s perfect life, she marries a man who looked like a prince charming, until she realizes that things are not going well in her marriage and discovers that her partner has plans to hurt her, so Soo Hee will create a plan to be her own salvation.

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Space sweepers

This film is a futuristic concept that tells the stories of the passengers of the ship ‘The Victory’, they are in charge of cleaning the space of garbage and other elements that contaminate it, during their journey they will realize that there is a machine created for the world destruction, can they do something to save the planet’s inhabitants?

BTS Break the Silence: The Movie

The boys of BTS arrive with a new film production that promises to show the behind-the-scenes of their life in the middle of a grueling tour around the world. Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, and Jungkook will surprise audiences with their charisma and personalities that have led them to be one of the most famous K-pop bands in the world.

Oh! My Gran

If emotional movies are your favorites, ‘Oh! My Gran ‘is ideal for you, as it tells the story of Moon Hee, an adorable grandmother who thinks he is a character from a television series, he has created a fantasy world for himself because he has Alzheimer’s. Bomi, Moon He’s granddaughter is run over and the only witness is him grandmother, will Moon Hee be able to do justice so that the person responsible for the accident is imprisoned?

The swordsman

‘The Swordsman’ or ‘The Swordsman’ is a historical film that portrays the life of the best warrior of the Joseon era, his reserved personality makes him withdraw from the world, but when his daughter is in danger, he will have to leave his past behind to to be able to save what you love most in life.


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