5 Korean movies to build your marathon


Learn more about Korean cinema.

The quarantine continues and surely you have seen all the series, movies or you have already read all the books you could, but if you are looking for new content to entertain yourself these days and you do not know what kind of stories to see, we leave you a list with the best cinema recommendations Korean.

If you piqued your curiosity with “Parasite”, we have a list of different types of stories, from romance, horror, drama, action and more. Do you want to see a story full of secrets with unexpected endings? Check the list and build your marathon.

“The Host”
After throwing chemical waste into the Han River, causing the birth of a monstrous creature that eats anyone who crosses its path. The army cannot capture her, but a man and his family will try to kill her.

A boy wakes up in the car as he goes with his family to his new home, when he arrives he remembers the house, but he doesn’t know why. However, his older brother is kidnapped and after 19 days he returns home without any memory, trying to solve the mystery of his accident, he will discover something much darker.

“The maid”
Divided into 3 parts, the film tells the story of a girl who plans, together with a swindler who pretends to be an earl, to take care of a crown princess, who in turn is confined to her home under the command of a ruthless man. However, nothing goes as it seems and an unexpected love will arise.

“Chilling Romance”
It tells the story of a girl who sees ghosts as a result of a curse she gets when her best friend dies in an accident, since then, the girl’s ghost haunts her and hurts all those around her. It is not until he meets a magician, who discovers his secret, that he will try to remove the curse, finding love along the way.

A man who gains superhuman powers tries to do everything possible to save his daughter, who is apparently in danger and could lose all meaning of life.


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