5+ K-pop Idols Who Once Confessed To Hating Their Band Name at First


A name is how a person, company, product, etc. are identified among others. In K-pop, every idol group has a unique name that has a deep meaning. Artists and fans may immediately like the name of the group, but there are also cases when idols do not like it.

Here is a list of several K-pop idols who admitted at the beginning that they hate the name of their group.

5+ K-pop Idols Who Initially Hated the name of Their band

EXO Chen

In 2012, EXO debuted a concept in which all participants have superpowers.

In an episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” in 2016, Chen admitted that he initially didn’t like the name and concept of EXO, as he found them a little embarrassing. But Chen eventually overcame this feeling and is now proud of the EXO name.

BTS Participants

The BTS members are also K-pop idols who initially hated the name of their band.

During a live broadcast in 2016, the participants talked about their embarrassment over the name of their group (Bangtan Sonyeondan, which in Korea means “bulletproof Boy Scouts”). The boys said that they were completely embarrassed that they did not dare to tell anyone the name of their band until they debuted.

The leader of BTS RM even once said that the name of the group was a painful memory in the pre-debut days of the members during the appearance of the septet in the final episode of “I-LAND”.

“For us, we have a painful memory,” the rapper shared. “Since then, we haven’t told anyone except our family and friends about our name for three years.”

Members of the girls’ generation

Back in 2014, when Girls’ Generation appeared on Midnight TV Entertainment, the members said that they actually hated the name of their band after hearing it. In fact, they hated it so much that they ended up crying.

The reason was that there weren’t many K-pop bands with names in Korean at that time, so they expected the band to have an English name like “Eternity” or “Muse”. In addition, the participants felt that the word “generation” in their name was too simpering.

When asked who was the person who gave the name to So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation), the members said that a company employee told them that the person who suggested this group name left shortly after he or she named them.

Fortunately, the members eventually began to like the name of their band, and now they are grateful for it. SONEs may even claim that this name suits them perfectly.

Girls’ Generation-TTS members

In addition to the Girls’ Generation members who initially hated the name of their group as a whole, the members of its first Girls’ Generation unit — TTS — Taen, Tiffany and Sohen — also hated the name of their unit.

When they were guests at the “Guerrilla Date”, the three participants were asked if they had named their team. Tiffany said no, which naturally means it was their agency’s idea.

Tiffany further admitted that they didn’t like the name of their division because it wasn’t the most creative. (This came only from the first letters of their name.)

But now TTS likes this name, and they are grateful to their company for choosing it.

Are there any k-pop idols who once admitted that they initially hated the name of their group? If yes, comment on their name in the field below!


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