5 K-pop Idols who Often sing the first verse of their group’s songs


Every member of most k-pop bands, if not all, is given lines in every song they release. The distribution of parts varies depending on whose voice is best suited to the verses. But in some cases, there are participants who are usually assigned a certain part of the track, for example, the five artists listed below. These five idols often sing the first verse in their group’s songs. It can be the whole of the first verse, or part of it.

5 K-pop Idols who Often sing the first verse of their group’s songs


First on our list is Jenny from BLACKPINK. The main rapper is assigned to sing the first verse in almost all BLACKPINK songs, such as “Playing With Fire”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “Kill This Love”, “As if it’s Your Last”, “How You Like”. These are”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Pink Poison” and “Shut Up”.

What is also interesting is that Jenny is also one of the members who usually sing at the end of their songs, such as “Ice Cream”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Pink Venom”.


Of course, there is also Naen from TWICE on our list. ONCE is well known that Naen often sings the first verses in TWICE songs. Among the tracks where you can hear her sing first are “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “What Is Love?” “Likey”, “Heart Shaker” and “MORE & MORE”.

In an interview with Black Eyed Pilseung (producer of most of the songs TWICE) said that Naen was always given the opening parts, because she has the freshest and most playful voice among the members of TWICE. And, as a rule, the participants who are the main or lead vocalists are usually given the first line in the songs to attract the attention of listeners.

While Jihe is also a great candidate for the opening lines, Black Eyed Pilseung thinks her voice is more suitable for the chorus.

espa karina

aespa Karina is another K—pop idol who often sings the first verse in her band’s songs. In fact, she has been assigned to this particular part in the song since their debut with “Black Mamba”.

Another fun fact is that Karina’s lines in some AESPA title tracks start with the word “I”, for example, “I’m addicted” in “Black Mamba”, “I’m on the next Level” in “Next Level” and “I’m a killer” in “Savage”.

NCT Mark and Taen

The same thing happens with some male idols, including NCT members Mark and Taeyong. In particular, Mark most often starts NCT Dream songs, while Taeyong does it in NCT 127 songs. There are times when Mark and Taeyong share the first verse in NCT 127 releases.

You can hear Taeyong from NCT singing the first verse in several songs, including “The 7th Sense”, “Fire Truck”, “Limitless” and “Boss”, and you can also hear Mark’s voice at the beginning of “Chewing Gum”, “Hot”. Sauce”, “Cherry bomb” and “Beatbox”.

Do you know other K-pop idols who are often assigned to sing the first verse of their band’s songs? Name them in the comment box below!


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