5+ K-pop Idols That Went Viral for Comical Reasons


To become a K-pop idol, they need to remember their image and reputation, as well as their actions in public. Although this usually leads to idols becoming more reserved when they are in the spotlight, some idols do not mind and are not afraid to open up in front of the camera. And when they do, some of them go viral!

So here are some of the K-pop idols that have gone viral for comical reasons!

1. TWICE Dahyun

As already mentioned, K-pop idols are very concerned about maintaining their image. But TWICE member Dahyun definitely takes it more at ease. The “Talk That Talk” singer has gone viral several times because of her hilarious “eagle dance,” in which she aggressively swings her arms and body back and forth to resemble an eagle. To this day, fans can’t help but laugh at Dahyun’s hilarious dance.

2. GOT7 Jackson

GOT7 member Jackson is known for creating meme-worthy and interesting content with his witty expressions and remarks, which is why he often goes viral.

But back in 2019, Jackson went viral due to his iconic reaction to the joint performance of MAMAMOO Hwasa and JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin-yong (JY Park) at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). While everyone was really stunned, Jackson couldn’t help but be speechless from what he saw.

3. Orange caramel

Orange Caramel, an After School division, included Nana, Lizzie, and Raina. This is the band that wrote the hit “Catallena”. Although the song itself is addictive, the band has gone viral thanks to a live performance of the song’s intro, in which the members individually shout “Ha!”

What attracted attention and to the delight of the fans was how Nana, Lizzy and Raina shouted “Ha!” in a different and rather comical way.

4. Taemin from SHINee

When you’ve been in the industry as long as Taemin, you’ll definitely want to get off the schedule and get home early. During the last Music Bank broadcast, Taemin was ridiculously and embarrassingly filmed trying to leave the stage right after SEVENTEEN’s victory speech.

Due to the fact that Taemin was caught by the camera, he tried to act it out by joyfully jumping and dancing, steadily moving towards the stairs and standing there awkwardly.

5. Heechol from Super Junior

Super Junior is a chaotic group, so ELF (Super Junior fandom) always get fun content from the members. But member Heechol went viral after a funky video of him during the Super Junior Super Show 6 concert in Beijing in 2014 spread online.

In this video, the band performed their song “Evanesce”, and the participants climbed onto the platform. However, Heechul seemed so focused (but not in himself) that he didn’t climb onto the platform with the others, leaving him under the stage. The other participants, as well as ELF, couldn’t help but be so confused, but found the situation funny.

What is your favorite viral moment?


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