5 K-Pop Idols That Come to Mind When They Hear the Respectful Nickname “Genius Idol”


Which idol first comes to your mind when you hear the honorable nickname “Genius Idol“? Here’s a selection of K-pop fans!

On the K-pop stage, “Genius Idol” refers to an artist who is “born to be a star”, capable of creating masterpieces and achievements no matter what they do. They are naturally talented in singing and dancing, and they have also been praised for their passion for creating their own genre and musical identity.

In the online community, K-pop fans have chosen the idols that first come to their mind every time they hear the nickname “Genius Idol”.

Here are 5 “genius idols” of K-pop:

1. Baekhyun from EXO

When searching for “천재아이돌 (genius idol), EXO’s Baekhyun is a K-pop idol that will pop up!

Indeed, being a “genius idol” is not something that fans have created for him, but something that the general public and the media have officially dedicated to him.

There are various reasons why Baekhyun is the “idol of geniuses”, but his vocal and dance skills, in addition to being a record-breaking artist, are among the main qualities that distinguish him best.

2. G-Dragon from BIGBANG

K-pop fans believe that G-Dragon is not an idol singer, but rather a “genius” artist. He not only performs with him the songs selected by the agency, but also personally participates in the creation of his releases, demonstrating his musicality.

Since 2006, G-Dragon has been constantly paving the way to the world market for new artists with its hit tracks and remained relevant even after about 16 years. In fact, many new K-pop idols look up to him, citing GD as the reason they became idols.

3. Taen from Girls’ Generation

Against the background of stereotypes that female idols have less influence as soloists, Taeyong proved everyone wrong by becoming the first and only solo artist to sell a million based on her cumulative sales over the past 10 years as of January 2022.

There is no doubt that Taeyong is a “monster” in terms of vocals, but she impressed everyone with her dancing abilities, as well as the main dancers. On top of that, singer “I” is also making a name for herself as an artist thanks to her incredible personality.

4. Block Bi Zico

Among the idol rappers, K-pop enthusiasts say that Zico is really a “genius” idol. Besides being the creator of several hits, “Okay Dokey”, “Any Song”, “New Thing” and others, he is also an idol who introduced dance challenges on the K-pop stage.

What people like about Zico is his perseverance and natural musical abilities. When he first started, he used all his skills to attract the attention of K-pop fans through his music, despite the attitude from the original company.

Despite his popularity, he always works hard to develop better and create music that is unique and surpasses his previous releases.

5. (G)I-DLE Jong Soen

Last but not least, Soen is the youngest on the list, but her age is just a figure compared to his achievements as an artist.

Although female groups are not always given the opportunity to work on their own music, Soen is one of the idols who broke the norm and started creating their own idols.

She is praised for her talent to write and produce songs that demonstrate the individuality of the band and at the same time are liked by the general public.


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